@Mastodon Working on getting my verification going between this account and the ourmagic.info website, but not having much luck.

Sidebar of site has
Our Magic is on <a href="mastodon.social/@ourmagic" rel="me">Mastodon</a>

and I've tried multiple times deleting and re-adding
website ourmagic.info
in the boxes on the Mastodon Edit Profile page, but alas, no checkmark love. 🤔

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I always loved this 404 image I drew for my website a few years ago. #ttrpg #art

Jessica Hammer's EOTA (Experiences, Observations, Theories, Advice) system looks like a great approach for getting quality feedback for game design (or any other group feedback situation).

Overview here in this 5 minute presentation: cmu.edu/teaching/spotlight/vid

New GM Tips post: Organizing My Terrain Collection

Hooray! All the storage trays are now labeled and I've written up my process for efficiently storing my collection of terrain and minis!

This has been a huge process, but I am so happy with the results. I'm looking forward to making fun builds in the weeks, months, and years to come. There are so many places to go together!


New update on the Our Magic Patreon page patreon.com/posts/ourmagic-inf

Chugging onward through the many tasks of game creation, some of which involve domain configuration settings. Fortunately no wild failures rolled and all is working very well. 👍

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Running A Safe Table (for Trans Players)
by M Grant

Full text:

Some points:
* At the table, it’s everyone’s job to create a safe environment for each other. But as the game master, you have more power to set that intention and to reject bigotry
* Proactively indicate your support for LGBT+ people and issues.
* Include gender & sexual minorities in your game world.
* Speak out when a player expresses intolerance (in or out of character).

#ttrpg #PnPde #solidarisch

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I put simple print-outs of party character/player names, quick world info references, and simple cheat sheet info for types of rolls all on the outside of my DM screen. Even has the wifi info! Got a bunch of "thank-you"s from players and could see them referencing it all night, made some things go a whole lot more seamlessly.

Highly rec. Cool looking DM screens are dope, but ones that improve the quality of the player experience are better! #dnd #ttrpg

Moral choices in games need to be more than "Should I actively be cruel and harmful to others or not?"

It often seems as if the majority of games in particular have failed to build in supports for the other half of morality in which one rises from neutral apathy to active kindness and proactive positive change in the world. That's a way of being heroes that's usually lacking system support. (e.g. 12 kinds of poison but no mechanisms for virtuous spirals of change and gratitude among NPCs).

Once the game launches the hashtag will be, of course, .

(Did you know there needs to be a result for a hashtag before you can add it as a column in the Mastodon advanced view? 😉 )

During early development the game was known as . That's still the name of the world and is a compound of the three core philosophies Chaos, Balance, and Order.

Chaos inspires opportunity. It is vital and virulent. Its strength is adaptability; its weakness is self-indulgence.

Balance inspires equality. It is fair and stagnant. Its strength is integrity; its weakness is obstinancy.

Order inspires authority. It is safe and sterile. Its strength is effectiveness; its weakness is bias.


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