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Are you a native speaker of German, Greek, Russian, or Spanish?

Please help finish translating the OnionShare 2.3.2 documentation, it's nearly done!

Here's our weblate project, the tool we use for translations: hosted.weblate.org/projects/on

Here's the docs: docs.onionshare.org/2.3.2.dev1

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I don’t recommend moving and the stress that comes with it. But so far, things have been smooth! Donated clothes and other textiles, put some stuff online that people come to pickup for free. Sold my studio speakers :(((. But it feels therapeutic to get rid of stuff. That, I do recommend :-)

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DeepL is a great (German!) alternative to Google Translate. They just added support for 13 new European languages! 👏


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Hello Creative Commons!

You can now add a CC license to your posts.

We are working on federation support and the ability to change licenses on older posts.

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We would like to inform you that we have fixed an XSS vulnerability in Tutanota, which was detected during a regular security review. The vulnerability was introduced while improving the appearance of an intermediate site displayed during the credit card 3D Secure setup process on January 20. We fixed the vulnerability immediately after identifying it on February 25. No attempts to exploit the vulnerability are known to date. Here are details:

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I just signed the open letter calling for the entire Free Software Foundation board to step down and for Richard Stallman to be removed from all leadership positions rms-open-letter.github.io

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Hooray, Tutanota turned seven today. 🥳🎉 Check out our road to success. And thank you all for your amazing support! 😀

Closing web browser windows doesn't close connections lapcatsoftware.com/articles/cl
"I feel that many decisions made by web browser developers in the past — sometimes more than a decade ago — need to be reevaluated now that browsers are finally starting to care about user privacy"

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Oh wow.

"Finnish astrophotographer J-P Metsavainio has released a Milky Way photo that took him nearly 12 years to create. The 1.7-gigapixel image has a cumulative exposure time of 1,250 hours."


#Space #Images #MilkyWay #Galaxies


New record. More people than ever before - been out in the windy weather in Denmark on Saturday - to improve on 2021. Lots of new data and a lot with the app StreetComplete.

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Now that the new OnionShare has better command line support, I just wrote a guide explaining how to run your own anonymous Tor dropbox on a Raspberry Pi. Check it out: micahflee.com/2021/02/onionsha

If you have any leaks, load this URL in Tor Browser to send them my way: vxat6yszh7o5r2fxzvibxsb4lmfi6y

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How Instagram Celebrities Promote 's Underground Animal Trade - bellingcat.com/news/mena/2021/ great report about how social media morons are driving animal abuse; how social media are complicit; and tracking down (ex-)MBE.777, who should be arrested for animal cruelty.

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Everything you do online might be used to profile you. But who are the profilers? What do they do with your data? 🤔


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Facebook’s secret settlement on Cambridge Analytica gags UK data watchdog - techcrunch.com/2021/01/26/face this is a total fiasco, and a humiliation for @ICOnews - @facebook ran rings around it...

@streetcomplete in @FDroid have become my new fun 'game', making @openstreetmap even better, in my local area.
Trips outside, walk or bike, in these lockdown times. Adding surface, marking if there are streetlight, steps and bike ramps. Lots of fun stuff to do :-D

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This summer, Tutanota faced constant DDoS attacks. Instead of turning their back on us, our community united to fight the good fight with us. An incredible number of upgrades & extensive donations have enabled us to employ our 14th team member: Jonas! 😍🥳

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The next big version of OnionShare is almost ready! Can you help translate it into other languages, and beta test it?

There's a lot of new stuff including:
- Anonymous chat
- Tabs, so you can do lots of stuff at once
- Beautiful new design

You can download and install a development version of OnionShare here: github.com/micahflee/onionshar

There's also new, thorough documentation, and that all needs to get translated too. Check out the docs here: micahflee.keybase.pub/docs.oni

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