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"Europe dumps 300,000 UK-owned .EU domains into the Brexit bin"

Not only a comment on the stupidity of Brexit, but why we also should not be building our decentralized systems upon the quicksand-foundation of DNS theregister.co.uk/2018/03/29/e

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The day I started reading code before using it was the day I started hating all software.

Anyone know a good alternative to Arch Linux for laptop use? I love it but finally need to quit systemd.

Linux (I work with Docker)
Natively non-systemd
Rolling release (not a must-have)

Help I am considering Gentoo

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☑ Discover Homographs
☑ Formulate Evil Plan
☑ Register Malicious URL
☑ Acquire SSL Certificate
❌ Defeat

Not today 🦁

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Amazing amount of work was put into the `kilo` C tutorial. Very nice for chill-out evenings and a great C refresher.


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Two followbots' packets collide somewhere in the expanses of the fediverse, and in that nanomoment, the quantum interactions between the two perfectly mirror the lyrics of Separate Ways by Journey.

Oddly, the concatenation of the two packets xor'ed against the mp3 of the song produces a bytestream of the music video's mp4 in an mkv container.

Federation is complicated.

I've heard it suggested before that the Shadow Brokers' "accented" English seems constructed, rather than matching mistakes commonly made by non-English speakers.

But I think I've cracked it - today's post (see previous boost) could only have been written by one person...

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Mastodon: *paints beautiful wall mural*

Twitter: Who's gonna buy that? You can't even transport it?

Mastodon: *does an elaborate interpretive dance in front of the mural*

Twitter: Wait, is that part of the art?

Mastodon: *group meditation chanting "awooo"*

Twitter: Ok but how do you monetize?

Mastodon: *stretch*

Twitter: ...?

Mastodon: *a thousand voices sing a hymn to diversity as a million weirdos dance*

Twitter: We're, uh... we're going home now...

Mastodon: *builds space ship*

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In case there are any Qubes OS users here: we just released Qubes Security Bulletin #29 for a critical Xen bug in PV memory virtualization allowing VM escape (XSA-212):


Would anyone else have a use for an ActiveSync -> IMAP proxy? $WORK turned off Gmail IMAP a while back and I miss my Mutt, thinking of hacking something up

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Strange feeling to be an egg again. Must dig and find some opinions quickly


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