middlingly excited for this class on interviewing that I’m taking today & tomorrow

I’ve been doing it for ages but it’ll be nice to find out if I’m doing it completely wrong or what

how hard is it to move servers

might set one up so I can be a cool kid

Alas, my trusty Mote Amp will not serve for the newest quest.

Guess I need to finally cash in some quills rep :V

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If you’re not familiar with the game, here’s certified banger.


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And from my perspective as a dev [working on things FAR LESS complicated than a cross-platform live-service game],

It’s just incredible to witness them ship so much stuff on a regular basis.

You ask somebody in my org to add a search field to a dropdown and you’re in a fight for your life … but here they just shit gold every other months.

I don’t know how they do it. It’s gotta be hard. I appreciate the hell out of it.

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The casualness with which DE adds new cool stuff to Warframe is remarkable.

As the player housing Discourse rages in the w*rcr*ft/xiv communities, Warframe just kind of randomly added a new, larger, /second/ player housing system. On top of clan housing.

And in the same update, dropped a couple new game modes in too.

DE treats us really well in most respects.

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No offense meant here but it is the size of an owlbear testicle.

just killed an assassin by hitting him in the face with a giant fuck-off bell, stabbing him in the kidney as he fell,

and then tore it out and ate it mid-fight

it's a good day

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cats commentary (catsmentary) 

You can say anything about this movie, but you can't deny the raw sexual charisma Skimbleshanks exudes.

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How many ways can I spell the name of this parameter wrong in my github actions pipeline?

Running total so far is 3

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Don't you love it when you do the first 90% of the problem in planning only to find out there's another 90% of the problem left in finding out what the problem actually is and yet another 90% implementing it

But our group. We met at the tavern.

Small place. Bartender and his seemingly-new barmaid. A couple patrons.

And an "entrepreneur", guy called Vinnie Naise. He's always up to some money-making scheme, preying on the desperate.

But Naise heard about some jobs. Figured his buddies Mars and Dmitri could handle them, if they had a little help, and he can skim a finder's fee.

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