There are momentous changes happening in our digital working environments. How can corporate IT shape this shift so that it can keep sensitive data and user identities under control?

The ownCloud Enterprise Document Classification extension makes it easy to comply with information security guidelines and legal requirements like GDPR. Prevent human mistakes: Import classification information from document metadata 😎 Learn more:

As part of a comprehensive story on the state of , German business weekly interviewed ownCloud CEO Read the full interview 📰 here for free! (text in German)


Local email attachments are outdated. 📎
Instead, send files as links to your storage. And, save received files directly to your cloud storage as well. It's easier, faster and safer. Learn how to connect eM Client with ownCloud ⤵️


Join Online Days for more digital sovereignty! Angelika Rode, our Partner Sales Manager, explains how to build a digital workplace from solutions, using our new cloud-native platform as backbone. Today @ 3pm CEST (in German)

Enable real collaboration on Windows Network Drives with ownCloud Enterprise! A major update for the ownCloud WND App brings a new level of productivity, especially when working from home.

Looking for a path towards more digital sovereignty? Find out how you can scale up secure and efficient collaboration! Join our Channel Sales Manager Angelika Rode in her Webinar (held in German) at Online Days, Tuesday, April 27th at 10:30 CEST

The new Tech Preview release for ownCloud Infinite Scale brings branding support, accessibility improvements and enhancements on storage. Check it out!

Feel right at home in large enterprise environments? Know v12n, k8s, storage, identity, and ? Live in Central Europe? Then join us as a Pre Sales Consultant/Engineer! or in .

How to improve IT security fast? Institute a no-attachments-policy and send links to files in ownCloud. The result: Less attack surface, less data spills, less mailserver load, less litter, less confusion about file versions. And no size limit! Learn more:

Our CEO explains how we shape the workspace of the future as a sovereign workspace - with our upcoming platform ownCloud Infinite Scale (text in German)

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Die Pandemie zeigt, wie wichtig moderne, flexible Arbeitsumgebungen sind. Viele Unternehmen nutzen aus Bequemlichkeit die Cloud-Dienste von US-Anbietern. Das wollen wir durch einfach zu konsumierende, souveräne und kostengünstigere Alternativen ändern.


Use the ownCloud Metrics App to get apt and actionable information about your ownCloud Enterprise - whether in the real-time dashboard or by using the API with your operational analytics solution like, or /#Grafana. Learn more:

At ownCloud, we continue to build bridges to platforms and tools, to boost the productivity and security of your digital workspace.

ownCloud brings a lot of advantages, among them peace of mind. The German Conference of Data Protection Commissioners is working on privacy questionnaires to send out to randomly selected companies (text in German). The ownCloud community is well prepared!

Work with external contractors, suppliers and customers 📇 without compromising data security! Ingo Schildt, our Director Distribution Channel, explains how ownCloud enables secure and efficient collaboration across your company’s ecosystem 👇

Speaking to, our CEO talks about the contradictory purchasing habits of politicians as they promote digital sovereignty, and how US law puts Microsoft in an uncomfortable position. He also ponders , Europe's flagship cloud project (text in German)

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Im mit Karin Finkenzeller wundere ich mich darüber, dass die öffentliche Hand die Unabhängigkeit Europas von US-Techkonzernen fordert, aber gleichzeitig im großen Stil deren Cloud-Dienste ordert, trotz besserer Alternativen:


Did you know that ownCloud is part of a pan-European, open-standard effort called the Science Mesh to interconnect scientific networks? Read all about connecting multiple, highly scalable file clouds in the new issue of CONNECT:

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