The ownCloud Desktop Client 2.7.2 is here, fixing an issue with icon visibility in the Windows taskbar and an issue with very small virtual files.


Salesforce picks up Slack Your opportunity to change to Open Source solutions! Ideally fully integrated in your


Microsoft tries to dispel GDPR concerns by committing to challenge government requests for customer data. To keep using Microsoft products, companies and the public sector will have to make some arrangements beyond that, explains COO

The ownCloud Desktop Client 2.7 makes Virtual Files the default sync mode on Windows, saving storage and bandwidth.

Say hello to the ownCloud iOS App 11.4.4! The update fixes a UI error on iPads running iOS 12 and squashes a bug that could crash macOS 11 for those early birds already using Apple Silicon.

You have a passion and the skills to translate complex technical information into simple yet informative and engaging content? Then join us as Technical Documentation Writer (m/f/d) and make ownCloud even more accessible to our community and our customers!

The ownCloud Desktop Client 2.7 brings careful improvements on the interface - and full support for light and dark modes on all OS's.

We’re hard at work on our upcoming new file platform ownCloud Infinite Scale. Here's an update on our recent achievements:

To be productive and successful, empower your staff. We don’t think digital surveillance using fishy metrics is helpful in that. Trust is. And an easy, flexible and secure sovereign workspace.

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Esoteric metrics based on analyzing extensive data about employee activities has been mostly the domain of fringe software vendors. Now it's built into MS 365.

A new feature to calculate 'productivity scores' turns Microsoft 365 into an full-fledged workplace surveillance tool:


Cool project, enjoy! 🤩


Just spun up an instance on my Proxmox box. I have so much to learn but I’m loving it so far!


How to save storage space, avoid manual administrative work and steer clear of data privacy issues? File Lifecycle Management automates the archiving and deletion of files whose usefulness has expired.

When assessing data security, don't forget the hardware your data is stored on.

Mail links to files, not attachments - it is easy and much more secure. Works in , as shown here, and in too.

Now available: for 11.4.3! We swiftly adapted the ownCloud App to take advantage of the new UI in iOS 14. Please rate and review on the App Store if you like the improved ownCloud experience!

More than 100 companies want to join GAIA-X, according to the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs. This strong interest indicates real momentum for a sovereign European data infrastructure! ownCloud is proud to be a part of GAIA-X from day one!


-Initiative stößt bei Unternehmen auf großes Interesse


Invite recurring contacts as Guest Users into your to save time on repetitive sharing. It is handy for e.g. contractors and students. Without storage, they can only work on shared files and folders, but they can use the desktop and mobile apps.

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