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Last but not least our partner @securosys@twitter.com shows encryption at rest for @ownCloud@twitter.com with masterkey and a HSM.

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Missing something in the documentation? Since we moved to Antora, contributing is super easy. Learn the basics here- owncloud.org/news/owncloud-doc

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Listening to Hugo Gonzalez Labrador from CERN, who is talking about CERNBox consisting of cool products like @ownCloud@twitter.com, @only_office@twitter.com, @CollaboraOffice@twitter.com and @kopanobv@twitter.com.

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Cloud Office application from @only_office@twitter.com fully integrated into @ownCloud@twitter.com at

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An Open Source Stack for applications is so important. @kopanobv@twitter.com presenting Groupware Integration with @ownCloud@twitter.com For me this is the future of our contacts and calendar apps.

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.@butonic@twitter.com and @felixboehm@twitter.com presenting details about
infinity scale architecture. Get the whole talk on our live stream or read the details on our blog


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Details about @ownCloud@twitter.com infinity scale architecture. Metadata moves into storage ... databaseless ;)

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Lunchtime! πŸ™‚πŸ‘

At 13:30 we go on with the next talk
ownCloud Infinite Scale: A deep dive into the Architecture and achieved Milestones by @felixboehm@twitter.com & @butonic@twitter.com

101 -
best practices with senior consultant Cornelius Wachinger.
First floor in room 110

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Watch me speak about intergration of in @ownCloud@twitter.com today at 3PM CET.
On air: conference.owncloud.org/live/

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The schedule of the 2. Day.
Enjoy the talks and don't forget to use the hashtag ! πŸ˜€

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Now @capcox@twitter.com from @univention@twitter.com is talking about digital identities and the how easy @ownCloud@twitter.com can be setup with the appcenter.

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Why we contribute to open source projects
@frankaellen@twitter.com opens the 2. day of the

Watch this and all other talks on our livestream:

Day 2 of the
We prepare for our first talk from @frankaellen@twitter.com:
"Why we contribute to open source projects"

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Heading to the @ownCloud@twitter.com Conference now. At 14:15 I am speaking about some technical voodoo with @kopanobv@twitter.com and so.

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Interessante Partner, eine lebendige Community und vielfΓ€ltige Talks auf der diesjΓ€hrigen @bechtle_ag@twitter.com @privacyidea@twitter.com @openSUSE@twitter.com @univention@twitter.com @b1systems@twitter.com @kopano@twitter.com @only_office@twitter.com @collaboraoffice@twitter.com

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Try Out the New ownCloud Phoenix Frontend – the Beta Is Here! owncloud.org/news/try-out-the- prostΕ™ednictvΓ­m @ownCloud@twitter.com

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We are looking forward to bringing our powers into @ownCloud@twitter.com Infinite Scale project. It sounds big.

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