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We now include a default connection profile for @Nextclouders@twitter.com and @ownCloud@twitter.com with support to share files. trac.cyberduck.io/wiki/help/en

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The new iOS ownCloud App is here! 🍎
Here’s what you can expect ⏬
⚙️Seamless integration with iOS files app
🕹️Drag & drop + Multi-select file functionality
🔑Password manager and certificate management
to boost convenience and security 🤓
Learn more here:

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Imagine all you needed for your own website was an ownCloud account. Guess what – it’s that easy, and you don’t even need to know html or css! Check out :

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ONLYOFFICE connector for @ownCloud@twitter.com has been updated to version 2.3.1: marketplace.owncloud.com/apps/

What's new?

✅ two sections in settings
✅ editor interface management
✅ revised server master key support

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''Only ownCloud combines full data control with easy-to-use filesharing features, while making collaboration more efficient and highly secure.'' Nick B. Nicholaou, President MBS, Inc. Get the inside story here.

😱 Epic privacy fail: @WeTransfer@twitter.com shared its users’ files with the wrong people. Details on @BetaNews@twitter.com: betanews.com/2019/06/21/wetran

The best way to avoid and incidents: Set up your own private file cloud with ownCloud: owncloud.org/

Of course you can protect yourself against with regular software updates – but can all your users do the same? You could be their hero when you restore their files from with this app: marketplace.owncloud.com/apps/

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Para compartir archivos online usa @ownCloud@twitter.com, software libre, de código abierto, seguro y para instalar en tu propio servidor. En @semilla_sl@twitter.com ahora estamos investigando sobre su integración con es.libreoffice.org/descarga/li

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Did you know that with the Activity app, you can be notified of every minor change in your files and folders? 😎

You can set your notifications according to an hourly, daily or weekly basis and never miss a thing! 🙋‍♂️
Check out what's new here: marketplace.owncloud.com/apps/

Something for our German followers: @B_Hofferbert@twitter.com explains how to set up ownCloud on a @Raspberry_Pi@twitter.com. Read the full article on @heiseonline@twitter.com: heise.de/tipps-tricks/Owncloud

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Today is the last day of starting off with the of @GEANTnews@twitter.com, the entity that governs research networks for almost half a billion people.

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ownCloud has a ❤️ for sysadmins. That’s why our client is available as MSI file. Because every knows: With just an EXE installer available, automated software deployment to a large amount of Windows machines can be a pain in the neck.
👉 owncloud.com/why-our-windows-c

📱 The new version of our ownCloud app for brings better file management.
Files stored in an ownCloud can now be accessed directly from within any other app – no dedicated ownCloud integration required. 🥳

👉 Learn more: owncloud.com/new-version-of-ow

What an incredibly inspiring show at ! Closing note on solving humanity’s challenges through digital, borderless collaboration! 🙌💪@TNC_GEANT@twitter.com

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Idea for an #owncloud app - what about an app which automatically deletes the exif metadata of all uploaded images?


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Guest users allow you to collaborate with external users securely.
Check out this video tutorial to find out more!

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Find us at booth #16 and chat about exciting new updates such as at ! @TNC_GEANT@twitter.com

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Do you want to know more details about the new version of the @ownCloud@twitter.com app? check owncloud.org/news/owncloud-and besides @davidfnt@twitter.com @jesmrec@twitter.com or Abel are happy to answer any question about integration or other Android tips

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