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Réparation d’un vieux PC, Install , puis intégration de la schématheque sur la VM pour le labo.

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Access cloud files on Windows with ownCloud by @mloschwitz@twitter.com red.ht/3rA7ZGr

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ownCloud 10.8 brings a new and improved login page that is both pretty and functional. Check out the ownCloud Server 10.8 release now! owncloud.com/news/server-10-8-

The new 2.18.1 release of the ownCloud App brings PKCE support for OpenID Connect. This means that all ownCloud Clients now can authenticate against you Identity Provider instead of against your ownCloud Server for best security! 🔐☁️github.com/owncloud/android/re

The ownCloud 10.8 release brings the new Web interface for improved:
🏎 speed
♿ a11y
™️ branding
🛠 maintenance
✨ new login
☁️ smart "add to ownCloud" default
🥞 better cache for external storage
📬 re-send new user invites
🤖 bot action transparency

ownCloud dramatically improves Windows 10 integration with the ownCloud Virtual File System, explains @madkissTM@twitter.com on @opensourceway@twitter.com opensource.com/article/21/7/ow

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With this release of the @ownCloud@twitter.com Android mobile app github.com/owncloud/android/re we are completing the OIDC PKCE flow across all clients and server. Authenticate against your IDP, NOT against our Server with all clients for best security!

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New: Connect ownCloud and Microsoft Office Online for sovereign team collaboration in real time! It brings full compatibility with the Microsoft document formats. Now available in the ownCloud Marketplace!

Interested in getting updates right to your inbox when new betas or release candidates are available for testing? Sign-up for our beta program! 📧🗒

ownCloud server 10.8 upcoming! 🤫☁️ First release candidate now available for testing – we are looking forward to your feedback on central.owncloud.org 🙌 More infos and changelog:


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Our modernized @ownCloud@twitter.com Infinite Scale (oCIS) will get a proper policy engine - with less then a ms overhead on each request. The microservices and cloud-native approach as well as a modern, default programming language (GoLang) is doing miracles.

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@peppecassibba@twitter.com @photoprism_app@twitter.com Here is my brand new @Raspberry_Pi@twitter.com running my de-virtualised webserver with owncloud and @photoprism_app@twitter.com in a docker container before it goes into the machine room AKA cupboard of doom.

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And indeed: thanks to our partner @ownCloud@twitter.com👌 for their help to make this wonderful feature possible!


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When digitizing law firm workflows, confidentiality is a prime requirement. Here are twelve criteria to check content collaboration solutions against: owncloud.com/news/checklist-la

It just looks like a dilemma! 🧐 Processing user data in the Microsoft cloud is a liability issue for European companies, yet few dare to switch. Our solution: Integrate the Microsoft stack with ownCloud for productivity without data protection violations owncloud.com/news/using-micros

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Am 15.7. um 17 Uhr geht es in die nächste Runde! Unsere Mitglieder stellen sind bei Members & Products vor! Dieses Mal sind mit dabei: @DAASI_Int@twitter.com @agorumsoftware@twitter.com @ownCloud@twitter.com @egroupware@twitter.com @GreenboneNet@twitter.com
...und hier gehts zur Anmeldung: bit.ly/3xSkwHb ;-)

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ownCloud is nominated for the Cloud Computing Insider Award! Thanks to all of you who voted for us last year!

Please vote in the 2021 contest here: 🗳️

Great news for everyone using Microsoft Office Online with ownCloud: Now, public link recipients can join in the collaborative editing of documents! Check out the ownCloud Enterprise WOPI App 1.5 in the ownCloud Marketplace 👇


To meet your specific needs, there are 6 ways to share files with ownCloud. This blog post explains in detail how to send the right files to the right recipients the right way: owncloud.com/news/getting-star

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I am currently live on twitch.tv/but0nic, grooming the oCIS pull requests with other @ownClouders@twitter.com. Join now to get your questions answered!

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