For some reason @futzle ‘s posts don’t show up on my timeline even though we follow each other. I’m probably too much of a mastodon noob

I hope they are all carrying a copy of Malcolm Turnbull’s “A Bigger Picture”

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Exciting NBN update: the NBN techs said they fixed a fault at the node, and now everything looks good on the street but nobody is still able to connect. This is now “something we’ve never seen before”

I'm generating at a 3.381kWh/kW efficiency which is not too bad. I only have 15% of my array facing north

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Our pvoutput team at work is up to 354 kilowatts of raw photovoltaic POWAH

My latest hobby is buying hardware projects like universal RF/IR hubs, and Raspberry Pi things and then looking at them as they gather dust on a shelf unused because I don't have the time to set them up

One of the tips better be how to get this fucking game in Australia because of this extremely bizarre classification office "problem"

Oh there is a third season of Star Trek: Discovery in the works — it's too bad that I've ordered myself to never think or speak of it ever again though just like they do in the conclusion of the second season

Appalling that I had to break the shorts barrier in late August, but doubly appalling that I'm having to wear them again on Sept 3

New proposal: move the federal capital to the geographic centre of Australia

The garbage man: collects the garbage but also delivers garbage internet

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So the NBN here has been unreliable with 5-6% packet loss and regular windows of 100% loss since Sunday, and was completely offline from yesterday afternoon. The NBN man came and did something to get it back, but said something still wasn't right in the pit. I'm guessing he is right because it went crappy again while the garbage truck was rumbling down the street...

Do people in here tend to simply post through it all as well? If not, I should give it more of my attention

Six years ago today, I was almost eaten by my iMac when it developed a strong taste for my beard.

I’ve always been highly sceptical of standing desks and never took advantage of the one in the office. As an EM I’m generally up and about a lot of the day anyway. I just got one for home though and it is a godsend.

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