So the NBN here has been unreliable with 5-6% packet loss and regular windows of 100% loss since Sunday, and was completely offline from yesterday afternoon. The NBN man came and did something to get it back, but said something still wasn't right in the pit. I'm guessing he is right because it went crappy again while the garbage truck was rumbling down the street...

The garbage man: collects the garbage but also delivers garbage internet

@virtualwolf HFC which is nowhere near as good as KFC as far as I can tell apart from making me a bit spicy

@oysta 😂

We've got HFC here too and it's been fine for the most part. Are you in an ex-Optus-cable area?

@virtualwolf It's been fine here for the ~1 year it has been on — it's telstra cable from what I can tell

@oysta Ohh right. I misread your original toot as being that it'd been fucked the entire time.

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