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Apparently I need computer navigated surgery and this really makes me even more uneasy about it

Autumn is the best season change my mind (you won’t)

I’ve ignited a gate keeping, semantic, No True Scotsman conflagration about Home Schooling™ on the wicked bird site after a very tongue-in-cheek jab. I am now being very schooled in my home.

Almost complete but will still need some adjusting of shelves because I am not a smart man 🥰

You can get it flailing
You can get it ailing
You can get it bending a gnau
Matter of fact I've got it now

It’s a lot better than the 20 year old thing I’d been sitting on from Harvey Norman which would draw blood occasionally where I’d removed the arms

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I always wanted a HM Mirra in a certain turquoise and chrome colour but I now have a Steelcase Leap in pure old black

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In the end though, have the issue forced will probably have a better result anyway rather than just dreaming about ideals

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I’d been dreaming of setting up my home office perfectly for a while but of course I now have had that increase in urgency and am currently settling for different options because of lead times

My old team are the best and got me a board game gift voucher which I promptly redeemed

You might be surprised by the amount of coding I have done of late (none)

Somebody rescue me from the spiralling pit of the hell site

The last VHS I own. (Dat low res Enterprise cover image tho 😱)

i hate to be a grammar snob, but it should actually be "Fewer Miserables"

Gee I dunno. Did ep2 of Picard kind of nosedive?

I am...speechless.

It's a fucking bookshop. Get absolutely fucked you demented incel chuds.

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