I miss my remote office for several reason, number one is noise. I wish I could stop overhearing:

- work conversations that I don't belong into
- doors
- phones
- expensive macbook fans blowing all day long (poor design if you ask me)

... without wearing headphones all day long, which is not good for your ears anyway. 👴

@oz Yeah it's way too annoying. Our company decided that it's best for our new building that we have big open offices instead of small team sized offices. Really not looking forward to switching locations. :/

@lyze Sorry to hear that... I hope you can get some calm, and avoid distractions. I know it's hard for me. :)

Can't wait until I can start working from home again. Though, I have to admit, I like being around people. I can quickly get feedback that way.

@ivan I like being around of people too. I think there's a balance to be found, or maybe we should get rid of open plan offices.

@oz - Was told to work from hole today. First day in months that I’ve worked away from the office. This is after years of working remotely.

I don’t get shit done at an office. Shit. The open office means EVERYONE derails each other. Hell, I’m doing it myself now!!! I get an idea, want to talk about it, and become that asshole that interrupts my cowokers.

I miss working from home.

@oz - work from home* not hole. But it is my hole in the ground home office so... I’ll leave it. 😂

@tinker @oz Yes, but, but, 🎉but SYNERGY🎉

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