Fedilab slurs 

@denikombucha Yeah Fedilab is totally on the 'right side' of things now, huh? Look at all the support they're getting from people like him, and from Nazis who recommend their app to their Nazi friends.

Not their problem though, right? Even if they're known as the Nazi's app of choice, they're neutral; it's nothing to do with them; how can they shoo Nazis away if they value free speech?

(I mean, not removing a block you already put in to make a point would probably have helped...)

Fedilab slurs 

@denikombucha Me: *says the above*
Fedilab: *blocks me I guess?*

It's almost like we don't get listened to. How dare I point out that literal Nazis are review bombing apps that stand up to them and praising Fedilab as their app of choice.

(they're within their right to block me, and honestly I'd rather they do that than have them pop into my mentions again, but it just kinda proves my points about the concerns of marginalized people getting ignored.)

Fedilab slurs 

@denikombucha "It's not our problem it's not our problem."

It's all our problem, dude, but sure go sit it out until things get bad enough for you to realize that. Not sure what it's gonna take exactly at this stage.

Fedilab slurs 

"We're just the app/browser. We have no control over who uses our product. How would we stop 'em using our app, even if we wanted to?"

So you're the Pewdiepie of apps, basically: you know you now have a ton of Nazi fans, but you refuse to accept that it's your responsibility to do something about it.

Newsflash: it isn't hard to make these people hate you. Blocking Gab, even if it was a token gesture, would have done the trick. Openly denouncing them in any way probably would too.


Fedilab slurs 

@Lexi I hope your browser blocks the site too, because you wouldn't keep using that nazi-supporting software otherwise, right?

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