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okay everyone, i've migrated over to

i'll mainly be using that, so if you've enjoyed interacting with me please follow me there instead

I maintain that small boobie girls are valid and good

so who are the two paylocked characters in tekken 7 i'm dying to know but i'm too lazy to look it up

@ozeanna Broken systems are lame. PS2 shouldn't break. Like hand tools or something.

this may be an issue with dark souls, but in dark souls the button assignement is all messed up and there's no in-game name to change them. the camera only works vertically on the right stick

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playing dark souls on a controller after 400 hours of keyboard and mouse mastery is going to be weird

all in all a pretty good haul. i got a cheap microphone that pretty much sucks but at least now the ambient booming from the integrated mic is no longer an issue and people can EQ to make me louder until i actually get something good. tekken 7 i already spoke about, now i'm going to test the controller

also hi im back i got some stuff

i ended up not making any big investments but i did pick up tekken 7 for like 20% its price on steam so there's that

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