This place is full of exciting young people, boost if you’re old and weary

@MsPraxis I make a sad grunting noise when I’m forced to get up off the couch

@ozjimbob Fair enough. I'm highly aware of my hips and knees 😆

@ozjimbob i will never sort out the masto's weird photo orientation deal

@ozjimbob I love feeding off the energy of the young, like some kind of damn vampire


PLS define "old". And "weary"

I might be old but no way weary 😅

@ozjimbob 44 here. Old enough. Three kids 12 and under. Yeah, I check the weary box too.

@ozjimbob what are u talking about my mans look like Geralt of Rivia

@ozjimbob Are you tired, are you weary, could you sleep for a thousand years?

@ozjimbob 47 in a few weeks and tired as fuck after 2018 did a number on me and my wife.

@ozjimbob I'm not old and weary, but I boosted anyway. I'm not sure whether I'm old or weary, but I am definitely one of them.

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