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Hello tooters!
I professionally write licentious poetry that mainly consists of and affairs. I am learning to write code and recently started using . I am a big fan of pornographic cinepoems, political whoreganization, and tech .
My pixelfed is

my Valentine’s Day! 

My ex boyfriend spent like $600 on me for Valentine’s Day I am such a spoiled princess hehe

❤️ @daisiesandhalos it’s nice to see a friendly face from the bird app!

I had forgotten that the posts here were called toots 😂

Still making $ and crypto off that one crazy poem I was posting about here three weeks ago :)

Distracted distracted
Bird app and BRD tokens and three cats taking a nap in my bedroom right now too <3

tedious rewrites etc <3 

Pseudo wintry

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tedious rewrites etc <3 

This poem is crazy but ok and I made money off it already so ok now I really need to update wintery blog post

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tedious rewrites etc <3 

This is stuff I love fr I’m just tired
But it’s ok
First I need to update this poem about palm trees and coffee

post covid life 

I’m going through all the life changes now that I had put off due to covid and it’s hard I live on the other side of the country now again sort of and I’m sort of mostly happy


I had lost my sense of smell and I thought I was never going to get it back. I was so depressed about it but today I was able to smell my soap while I was taking a shower and I’m so grateful! I thought I was never going to be able to smell coffee ever again! I was deeply depressed without a sense of smell fr

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I was sick with covid but it looks like I’m going to survive ❤️

USA presidential debate 2020 part 1 

To put it LIGHTLY it was horrible and really solidified the position I had already which was this Nov/Winter is going to be beyond UGLY (and violent).

I’m an anarchist 

Uh oh the London school of economics Marxists are mad at me for critiquing their racist bias again

My relationship with money is very emotional

I made my landlord release me from my lease and sign a paper admitting that they are a liar and that’s why I’m leaving haha


Why do I always log into this social media when I’m about to start my period???

Waiting a week to do 5 minutes of voice over work? Why am I like this?


Eaten quite a bit healthier today than yesterday already feeling a little better but as soon as I start actually liking my apt they shut off my water all day during a pandemic

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