Staminatrix... 313 zones, 140 km biking... Close and a small cigarr but 8 new Staminatrix'ex! Amazing!

Saturday - Staminatrix-event in Stockholm, starting to realise how much pain it will bring... damn =)

Late to the party? Nah, mor to be redundant... Faerglass got the staminatrix! Myself? I gave up giving up the league-game, might ascend to league 6.

@drbjork @Holly a fellow turfer! but in a post from 2018.. Still turfing?

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Hej Världen!

Nu finns det en ny Mastodon-instans för talare av #svenska och andra nordiska språk:

#Sverige #Skandinavien

Late start... First dive of the year this week. Well, sweet anyway to be back in the green water and - discovering the site has become a little underwater art-scene.

@Prower the benefit of federation, we can all have our fave spot. (well, i havent decided if i prefer diaspora or mastodon yet)

@Prower nah, it [ingress] have had its days. Why leave mastodon? what are you missing?

@Prower In the Ingress-player-sphere are moving to Diaspora (since gpluing thes is shutting down)

Tjo! Några -åkare härinne? Snön faller på AF och snöröjarna på grannsjön står still pga trasigheter.

First post! Just got home from Svalbard, back to musht grey Sweden. So... Where should i lure people to from FB?


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