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Oh right, there was this quickly whipped-up "reassuring" thing for a friend which other friends' feedback showed might not be as... reassuring..

Oh, my last art post (which wasn't a collaboration) was a month ago. Uh.
Hi. I'm still alive just a bit broken.

A collaboration between yours truly and Chibiwriter ( for our BEST FOX
Kheradihr ~! (
Happy Birthday~! A flower crown for you <3

(sketch - me, vectors - Chibiwriter)


For everyone in the world baffled by what is happening in the USA right now, remember that their "police" was created a little bit differently than in most countries, and for different purposes:


I had to go to the post office and boy do people don't give a Fuck here anymore... we've got looser restrictions but NOT decrease of cases so uh.
Not leaving house unless I really have to.

day #20 His name is Patreon and he took all my money. Now he wants yours!

(If you want to give money to the Eevee go to: )

I have updated/simplified my commission pricing:
Do you want a personalized Eevee? Yourself as an Eevee? Your cat as an Eevee?
Your favorite character as an Eevee? Keanu Reeves as an Eevee?
(Note: I can actually draw humans).

Me, looking at the sky:
If women are from Venus and men from Mars shouldn't that mean the Earthlings are non-binary?

1. Noire, Team Rocket Executive, having a rest and checking on Team Mystic news. For... professional reasons. Yes.

2. Definitely a worse day.
Reference/inspiration: Noire begins to Surfacage , Petit the Eevee belongs to Noire.

My Team Mystic OC, Pat, caught in a sudden violent thunderstorm while walking through Instinct Sanctuary.

A scene from RP with Chibiwriter and Kheradihr (more info: )

I've grown beyond being just tired of the spine problems in the past week; I'm getting annoyed and BORED of them... weird feeling

day #17 Relaxing bath
Gonna switch this project to every-day/or-two/or-three (mostly because I should focus on some other stuff and fix my sleeping schedule a bit)

day #17 Hello? (Eevee, Skitty)
When I was checking the sizes... it turns out the proportions between the pokemon were opposite of what I thought they were XD
After the gluttonous gremlin time for some cute again ^^

Me an hour earlier: I'll put on that singing bowls sound generator because that frequency makes me less tense.

No Eevee today, I forced it yesterday and it came out meeeeh, so I decided to go to sleep before dawn instead.

day #16 Chocolate Easter Bunneary
(It is my headcanon that Eevees, unlike cats and dogs, can safely eat chocolate)

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