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Some more pokesketches: Junior the Eevee (belongs to Syric/Chibiwriter ), Chibiwriter nesting on Raikou and a vulpix kit blep!

Another Birthday gift for my friend Kheradihr, their Pokemon OC - Ranger Ren and her Zorua Kiki.

Pat - (Team) Mystic 5, Go project's head Data Analyst, PhD in Eevee evolution, Not Made To Be Awake This Early In The Morning.
My OC for /
Surfacage's ATWWTTA comic ( ; color reference sketch for Chibiwriter

I did that pokemon starter meme thing and I got assigned this and I feel so called out...

Saw a shoulder brace at a Chinese market and realised... I actually need one. I should go back there on Monday and try to find my size (they all had size unmarked).

A secret hardware project that I was participating in is finally public, so I can talk about it:

Basically there will be a CircuitPython-powered device given out to the participants of this year's EuroPython, and some workshops on programming it. It's a slightly modified version of my PewPew device, and the hope is that it can be used for teaching. It's cheaper than the micro:bit and more suited for games and other interactive programs.

Chronic illness mood: I was unusable for most of the day so better make up for it by staying up too late trying to do things.
(god need to get to that scanner tomorrow...)

Request to IT/Gamedev/creative job sites:
Most of you have filters for "US, Canada" and then for each country separately.
It would be very logical to make one for Europe - or at least European Union? We can cross-travel/work as well as Americans can.

Oh no, I was trying to design a UI for a fake game for my portfolio (to make up for the gigs I can't show) but I think I have accidentally designed

Bathing in the blood of your enemies:
Sends a message
Probably good for your skin.
Bathing in the blood of your friends:
Why would you do that?
This is why you don't have friends anymore.

No-bezel phones are apparently all the rage and I just keep thinking how few of small bezel Samsungs I've seen that did NOT have cracked glass.
I want a phone I can drop and the only thing I worry afterwards is that the edge is not perfectly smooth anymore. Also one I can actually hold without accidentally pressing on the edges of the screen.
(and one I can actually hold and use with one tiny-ass hand)

Doing my taxes last minute and as I look at my Paypal I would like to thank everyone that supported me, even with a small ko-fi! Each and every position made me tear up but I think it would also be silly to thank each person again...?

What do two ethnolinguists who haven't seen each other since college talk about when meeting on a tram?
Scrum in software development.
(No, it's not a joke. Or maybe it is. My life can be weird)

Nerd gothic:
You have packed 6 shelves of books. There are still 6 shelves of books to pack.
There are always 6 shelves of books to pack.

Hi, how are you! I was in Berlin for a week, now catching up with whom I met there and am supposed to write, what I have to do and whether my body will go into full fibro flare-up and cold or have the Lush baths helped :)

Dad: aren't you too picky with the day job search?
Me: *almost passes out grocery shopping* no.

(I have no idea why my body turned into a physical equivalent of Windows Vista but I simply CAN'T apply for physically demanding jobs :|)

The other night I offered a friend of mine, who is a professional baker of incredible treats, a piece of cake that I'd made, and said, "it's just poundcake, it's not a big deal," and she pointed at me and said, "EVERY cake is a big deal," and I've been thinking about that a lot

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