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1. Got a small gig - not gonna take any new commissions on before Christmas (Unless you pay extra)
2. My Birthday is in less than two weeks eh. If you'll have $ left over from Christmas shopping, you can buy me a coffee:

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Remember that if you need any assistance with regards to gendered nipple problems in your migration from #Tumblr, we now have dedicated support at femalepresenting.nipple.soluti

My first ever:
I was stressed and needed to draw something but my eyes were tired so neither of my digital commissions was a good idea. My 1 AM brain decided to draw a human version of my cute Ultra Moon freshly evolved boy, Murderfluff.
(I called him that right after hatching but he's quickly proven the name fits well being able to beat 2x stronger pokes without type advantage)

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*casts a your valid spell*

hey why is nothing happening

*casts your valid spell again*

its still not

*tries a third time*

oh i get it nothing's happening because you were already valid! :witchywink:

31 - [no theme] My OC Pat with Sparkface () Nova (XS ) and two (foster?) Eevees, one shiny :)
Last Eeveetober but definitely not the last of the Eevees *glances meaningfully at the WIP pile*
This project was fun~! Will compile a .pdf this month :)

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Great to see Tumblr is now taking care of such dangerous content like pokemon friends (this is not a tit, this is a Swablu), Ninetales being pet and dirty gifs of pixel sprite idles :\

Sooo is there an instance of Mastodon that's targeted towards ?

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Tumblr is banning all adult content

Highlight from their definition of adult content: "female-presenting nipples"

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Me this morning: I don't wanna leave bed because warms.
Me now: I don't wanna leave bathtub because warms.

And to pair with the previous sketch: my Pokemon Ultra Moon character and his Zorua.
If you're bored you can also read more on him here:

A warm-up sketch of my Pokemon Sun character (bit outdated, Pika is a Raichu now).
If you're bored you can read more on him here:

Eeveetober #30 - Stockings/pants. Socks + claws = bad combination.
Surfacage​‘s ( character, Noire, with Petit, their Eevee.
Referenced from a certain person’s cat photos 👀

I'm doing a little sale: books in my shop are 5$ off and stickers are 0.50$ off till Monday in my gumroad shop: with code "blackfriday" ~!
(Help me get me the box off my floor XD)

And Redbubble also has Black Friday storewide deal (only today) with code BLACK20 so you can get doNatu, cup Natu or passive-aggressive kitty on different things 20% off too

Eeveetober #29 Massage (?) Surfacage​‘s ( characters, Go and Donglord the jolteon.
The claws were pitched by Syric, head medic of Rocket! Blame him, Go, not me! (and also go to him for medical care afterwards, please.)

Eeveetober #27 - Against a Wall ( Chibiwriter​‘s shiny Eevee Dumpling)
Toebean prints!!!

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