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Berlin is pretty bad when it comes to sitting space. Streets, metro, tourist spaces, shopping streets even museums have barely any space to rest. Places I've seen in many cities, including Germany, and they always had some options for the weak and weary. I wonder if it's hostile architecture or just lack of consideration for anyone who is nor perfectly healthy.

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Got some art tools and did some tests in my sketchbook, drawing FinalFantasyIV characters I know only from fanarts.
Blue is Diamine ink, brown is a water-soluble pencil brick based on tailor's pencil: interesting, behaves bit differently than expected but I think will be a good tool once i figure it out.

A couple of days later, I've been at my friend's place, walking around Berlin. Alas yesterday storm front brought another fibro flare; smaller, I thought, tho annoying enough I literally left the museum island without entering a museum (I'd have to walk around and check which had open slots left, but also didn't feel I could focus on sightseeing).
Fast forward to today and "I'll sleep another hour" turned into half of the day, whoops...

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Alas my fibromyalgia along with I don't even know what combined yesterday itno a tension headache that cut short my sightseeing of Cologne. Well thatand t he fact I got there on Monday, so museums were closed XD
Meeting a friend today, still no accomodation for tonight, whoops.

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The journey is possible thanks to Deutsche Bahn's 9 Euro regional ticket for August. If I had to get a ticket for each and every ride...well I couldn't afford it. And (good) trains are so much better that flying. Germans like to complain abou the delays (and indeed, there were many) but the comfort of German trains is really nice.

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I accidentally booked a slightly higher standard room for padt two night (nothing I can't recover from financially, but still ouch) and... it's been a delight. Huge, comfortable bed, bathtub (<reason I got the room but after previous day's travel misadventures my back was in such a state I don't think I could have moved if not for the long, hot bath), delicious breakfast... Tonight I'm sleeping as budget as I could while still having own room & bathroom, so that'll be interesting contrast :D

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This thing in hotel corridor has been, hands down, the biggest test to my self-control in the past weeks. I have preservered, but it wasn't easy.
Day 4 of my West Europe train wander and I already regained some part of mental balance. (the urge to roll the ball unrelated, that's just my gremlin brain). I haven't gotten into that meditative state I sometimes get traveling yet, but tbh first two days have been Slightly Cursed.

Part of the problem is my mind still defaults to "are you SURE you shouldn't be doing SOMETHING ELSE" and I guess all in all things I want to do in the more-less immediate future are... in a way mutually exclusive.
Unless I like, won a lottery or something XD there are some areas where having a few million Euro changes your chances and obligations lol.

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My mind's been in a "past two weeks have been a three day blur" kind of mood and ironically when working dayjobs I used to be a pretty productive employee drone during those periods; but they leave me pretty disconnected with the world.
Ironically... I'm not missing the "sinking into office job" part. If I had a lettering job rn. I'd have a nice and steady pace... when trying to work on my own projects tho I drone off because I have problems with "something I like/want = worth of attention".

Some sketches I scanned waaaay back at the end of 2020: My original character Pat, some random (which really liked Pat's hair tie), and
Kheradihr@twitter 's character - and Pat's best friend - Ren, happy to see them and definitely not just coming back from a fight.

Artists/makers/programmers: I don't feel like doing anything serious, I'll do this one tiny silly idea I just had instead.
[6 hours later] I've just learned how to do a completely new thing, huh?

I'm not claiming I'm gonna make something better than a more fancy potato sack, but it's not like I can get anything better fitting from the stores.
Though I'm seriously tempted to try to go towards some more fantasy and historical inspired designs - for my skills, so maybe a tunic and the famed Pirate Shirt (to wear on occasions that require me to wear a shirt, because if I'm a weirdo anyway I can just own it :D ) and, well, things designed for a hobbit-shape rather than an elf XD

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Maybe it's different in countries where it's hot most of the year but the available in Poland modern fashion sucks... if you're dressing masculine you only have long shorts or long pants, and thick cotton tank tops or shirts. If you want viscose or linen but sleeveless you pretty much have to sew something yourself. Which, well, I'm gonna do now because I regularly get heat exhaustion in heat waves :/

Getting sunburned was great for my skin... because I had to keep it properly hydrated and now it's looking pretty nice XD

:drake_dislike: groundbreaking discovery
:drake_like: earth repairing invention

Hmm is there even a way to rent an apartment in Berlin if you're a freelancer who had a break in work?
Maybe I should search for some queer or art communities, maybe ppl like, rent houses as a group and ppl have their own rooms?
(probably not but one can dream...)

Come to think of it, programmers and artists are a lot alike: they either feel like a god, or weep silently whispering "I am a hack, I don't know anything..."
The pay is drastically different though.

Mhrmm thought I scheduled this round so I can finish early, but my body broke down for more days than I accounted for the past month so I'm crunching deadline again :/

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