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Needed to test some watercolors so I tried sketching a carbuncle from memory which somehow resulted in this chubby baby.

I know I'm being naive but part of me wishes facebook's outage will make ppl realize there's much more to the internet than the centralized social media.

Made a little box for my loose watercolor pans today. Took a bit more time and tinkering than I expected, but I'm satisfied with the result.
(cardboard, washi tape and glue)

If you grab Eevee by its tail and swing it around it becomes a Bludgeon.

Installation of chip from second vaccine shot in progress.............

Dreaming is nice, but then reality kicks in... *sighs and empties the basket*
One day....

I want to stab a bitch that's hurting my friends and I don't even know who the bitch is (I know what they are though, a narcissist).

Why are mobile games' files so big nowadays? A game with simple mechanics, 2D art and not that much animation should't be 1,5GB+. Is it the engine's fault? Do devs not care about optimization? There's too many of those for it not to have some common cause

Got my first dose of vaccine yesterday and I basically slept most of today. Not feeling as sick anymore but wow, that was a ride.

When Team Rocket made their employees dress in older uniform design, not everyone was happy... others were *really* happy.
OCs of friends: Cecylia with killer legs belongs to Ame, Noi to

Our Skitty is a little mischief, but it's a good kind of mischief.
(Yes, the chubby umbreon is me)

I have a small sketchbook with rough yellow bamboo paper and am using it for sketch comics to get back the feel of it :)

Sure love being knocked out for over two days because my body is stupid. On the plus side, I have a new memory foam add-on on my mattress so I was actually quite comfortable... considering XD
Now time to do that paperwork I was planning to do on Friday -_- Sunday night FUN.
(then I'll draw something :>)

its fucked up nowadays, you cant just make a thing. you have to make a running series of that thing, which goes on forever, and has a patreon, a mailing list, a discord channel, an official wiki, a fan wiki, a prima strategy guide, its own cryptocurrency, flag, national anthem, nuclear deterrent, etc

Twitter outrage machine is insane, someone will tweet "this cute white kitten looks like a marshmallow", go to sleep and wake up to 10000 messages bashing them for promoting eating cats -_-

Yesterday I finalized some very important paperwork, and while that leads to me needing to do much more paperwork it also comes with closure and sense of safety.

"Pedes, don't you want to make money on NFT?" Sure I want to make money *in general*, but... uh. No.
Listen. 1000$ and you'll get full res version of this pic, then you can tokenise it yourself and do with it whatever for all I care.
I'm not joking, you can even pay in DOGE ;P

Hey, if you're one of the ppl saying cryptoart will *finally* let you "support indie artists" - most of us already have a Ko-fi tipjar/patreon/comissions/various stores linked in our bios or pinned messages. If you haven't done that yet you weren't even trying.

Me, not remembering the name for fiber optic wires, trying to explain what I mean at 5 a.m.:
"light rope thingies
like, you can send internet through it"

People tend to think antidepressants are some kind of happy pills like idk, marihuana, but it's just meds that teach your body to produce hormones it needs to function. I had to take smaller doses for a fortnight due to scheduling issues (and also forgot to take it at all twice during) and week later I'm still experiencing fallout from that (mostly messed up experience of time /sleep and fibromyalgia flare-ups). THEY DO HELP THO!

@taureancheer I've finally read Libertus Rubedo so I could also look at all the art properly and it looks so great~! I love so many things about it :D
(also not sure if that's intended, but Cam reminds me of a young bird that you see has some way to go but will grow up to be something glorious).

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