Made a little box for my loose watercolor pans today. Took a bit more time and tinkering than I expected, but I'm satisfied with the result.
(cardboard, washi tape and glue)

Dreaming is nice, but then reality kicks in... *sighs and empties the basket*
One day....

When Team Rocket made their employees dress in older uniform design, not everyone was happy... others were *really* happy.
OCs of friends: Cecylia with killer legs belongs to Ame, Noi to

Our Skitty is a little mischief, but it's a good kind of mischief.
(Yes, the chubby umbreon is me)

I have a small sketchbook with rough yellow bamboo paper and am using it for sketch comics to get back the feel of it :)

"Pedes, don't you want to make money on NFT?" Sure I want to make money *in general*, but... uh. No.
Listen. 1000$ and you'll get full res version of this pic, then you can tokenise it yourself and do with it whatever for all I care.
I'm not joking, you can even pay in DOGE ;P

Friend (florem_ipsum on insta *hint hint*): "I thought you'd be sad if you didn't get your animal [umbreon] for your Birthday so I painted it on a T-shirt"
Plus Horrible Goose hand-made card and 5 volumes of Nozaki :O <3

Tonight in "Pedes, NO!"
Eevee and Natu pokemon fusion abomination.

(there was no adult supervision in the discord server tonight)

Tho with no answers at all to the few job postings I managed to find and send to (which I was either qualified or overqualified for, not counting the other group where I'm "maybe" or"probably not") I'm starting to wonder if employers have some kind of aversion to people who worked freelance for some time :/

Legendary Titans fashion.
(I didn't choose to draw this, it chose me)
Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos
or team symbols
(Copic multiliner and watercolor pencils)

Oh right, there was this quickly whipped-up "reassuring" thing for a friend which other friends' feedback showed might not be as... reassuring..

A collaboration between yours truly and Chibiwriter ( for our BEST FOX
Kheradihr ~! (
Happy Birthday~! A flower crown for you <3

(sketch - me, vectors - Chibiwriter)

1. Noire, Team Rocket Executive, having a rest and checking on Team Mystic news. For... professional reasons. Yes.

2. Definitely a worse day.
Reference/inspiration: Noire begins to Surfacage , Petit the Eevee belongs to Noire.

My Team Mystic OC, Pat, caught in a sudden violent thunderstorm while walking through Instinct Sanctuary.

A scene from RP with Chibiwriter and Kheradihr (more info: )

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