When Team Rocket made their employees dress in older uniform design, not everyone was happy... others were *really* happy.
OCs of friends: Cecylia with killer legs belongs to Ame, Noi to

Our Skitty is a little mischief, but it's a good kind of mischief.
(Yes, the chubby umbreon is me)

I have a small sketchbook with rough yellow bamboo paper and am using it for sketch comics to get back the feel of it :)

Legendary Titans fashion.
(I didn't choose to draw this, it chose me)
Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos
or team symbols
(Copic multiliner and watercolor pencils)

Oh right, there was this quickly whipped-up "reassuring" thing for a friend which other friends' feedback showed might not be as... reassuring..

My Team Mystic OC, Pat, caught in a sudden violent thunderstorm while walking through Instinct Sanctuary.

A scene from RP with Chibiwriter and Kheradihr (more info: p-the-wanderer.tumblr.com/post )

day #17 Relaxing bath
Gonna switch this project to every-day/or-two/or-three (mostly because I should focus on some other stuff and fix my sleeping schedule a bit)

day #17 Hello? (Eevee, Skitty)
When I was checking the sizes... it turns out the proportions between the pokemon were opposite of what I thought they were XD
After the gluttonous gremlin time for some cute again ^^

day #16 Chocolate Easter Bunneary
(It is my headcanon that Eevees, unlike cats and dogs, can safely eat chocolate)

Swanatu (Psychic/Flying).
This likes to nest on people's head. It will sing soothing notes if you're feeling bad but will peck you if you put yourself down.
It will tell you wonderful stories which will make you cry.
(I blame @chibiwriter (on twitter/tumblr/AO3) for this fusion)

day #14 Siberian shortear

I think I'll continue with this project but will take a two day break. So, next Eevee on Saturday :)

I'm busy with something else and won't be able to draw a fresh Eevee tonight, but have a sketch I had stashed away for a rainy day :D

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