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Friend (florem_ipsum on insta *hint hint*): "I thought you'd be sad if you didn't get your animal [umbreon] for your Birthday so I painted it on a T-shirt"
Plus Horrible Goose hand-made card and 5 volumes of Nozaki :O <3

I almost said a friend has ahegao instead of ahoge and those are two *very* different things XD

I would like to clarify, that I am only evil as a hobby, professionally I am simply incompetent.

Huh, smackjeeves is shutting down at the end of the year. It was a place where I've learned a lot and met some friends, and it feels weird it's happening at a time I'm trying to go back to comics...
If you wanna see my Dark Past you have until 31st December:

Today I learned about the world of custom keyboards and before that I didn't even know I want one.

Today's gender is the sound of a hissed warning.

Tonight in "Pedes, NO!"
Eevee and Natu pokemon fusion abomination.

(there was no adult supervision in the discord server tonight)

Neither was "a gig opportunity from address I've had a conversation with before inexplicably gets send into SPAM to be found over two weeks later"....

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"Bank accidentally blocks my accounts and cancels my cards" was not on my bingo card for this month, and yet...

Update: My dad died this morning. I don't know anything anymore.

Show thread Interesting article touching on relationships of asexuals vs sex (if you find some of this confusing it's OK, I'm ace who is sex-favorable (tho depression = no libido) and I've been trying to figure this out for years now and I'm still confused because it's NOT so simple.)

Hi, my mom died week ago and dad's in hospital rn (NOT corona) and I was sick before that (also mot probably not corona) so I've been kinda quiet.
Though there may come some artworks, human mind works in mysterious ways.

The existence of cosplay implies the existence of sinplay, tanplay and cotanplay.

They mentioned my PewPew FeatherWing in the HackSpace magazine ( — I'm famous now.

Tho with no answers at all to the few job postings I managed to find and send to (which I was either qualified or overqualified for, not counting the other group where I'm "maybe" or"probably not") I'm starting to wonder if employers have some kind of aversion to people who worked freelance for some time :/

I told someone yesterday "My professional career has been mostly a string of disasters" and I wonder if I could just put that in my resume.
Or use as my resume.

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