Performance of the Purism Librem 5 phone seems to be way better than in previous videos. Impressive improvements.

Ever want to save a web page for later offline 🤓 viewing? You should try monolith! It's 🆕! It saves 💾 everything in one html file. It's written in Rust! It's a snap! Here's a quick demo.

We previously created a comprehensive guide to Internet privacy that details how to keep companies and hackers away from your data. We have now updated the guide with additional tips and information.

12% done with The War of the Worlds, by H.G. Wells: I'm 12% through The War of the World...

ProtonMail also encrypts messages at rest, which prevents us from being able to decrypt your inbox. This provides both better privacy and security as your unencrypted messages can't be shared with third parties nor stolen from us:

💸 I can set up a monthly budget for things like groceries, round up my spare change, spend and send money globally with the real exchange rate. Download now

While trying to convince us all that they take user seriously, Google is prohibiting ad blockers in Chrome. Trackers will be able to follow your activity across the Internet - and Google will be able to continue collecting its ad-based revenue.

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