I can finally share what I worked on last year!

I was extremely lucky to join the amazing team led by Alberto Mielgo in this incredibly unique looking piece. Watch it with headphones, re-watch it, frame-by-frame it!

I still can't believe I got to do lighting and shading for this iconic shot🤯 Mixing Cycles lighting + volumetrics on top of the painted textures was a challenge. Some volumes are part of the render and some in the great compositing by Lara Cores, plus the final magic by Alberto.

This shot wasn't initially planned but we gave it a go and in one afternoon it was close to the final result! Believe it or not that bokeh on her is Blender's compositor node bokeh. We had to have it rendered as fast as possible.

Working with such a talented team in beautiful Madrid was an amazing experience. The software used was secondary. Everybody pushing for quality in whatever tool we could do our best, Blender, Maya, Cycles, Arnold, whatever works. In the end it's all about art & friendship ❤️

Will always remember those long nights feeding the farm with @Heavypoly, delivery food and late-night metros 😴

@pablovazquez holy shit!
(pity it's ubisoft but that's life, sucking as usual)

@pablovazquez Holy molly guacamole. That is one of the best looking game cinematics I've ever seen!

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