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chemistry people! if you were interested in the amount of caffeine in a solution what would you do? send a sample to a lab that specializes? bust out the methylene chloride? raid your pantry?

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well shit how do I unpin toots now?

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"U+1F595 @u1f595

mastotoot request: i would like to pin someone else's toot that i've boosted to my profile. thanks."

urgggg I just can't get anything done today

i am actually literally scooping litter just btw

Oh sorry that’s the taxoplasma talking

I have no skin in this dog

OK, let's just agree to disagree-- you call it "hacking", I'll call it "insurance fraud"

including me maybe? it's all a blur

apologies to however many dozens of people thought of that gag before me

This is my mech, ;DROP TABLE `mech_stats`;

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heh, I only read hacker news occasionally but for whatever reason I am enjoying the angsty complaints about Airbnb's custom typeface.

Daiso has SD card organizers for cheap, they just call them pill cases for some reason

Oh no I haven’t made coffee yet

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(it's the But That's Cool You Can Just Scrape It Off flavor)

Having some pasta and baguette with Oh Wait My Bad, You Were Totally Right That Is Actually Butter

Black hair don’t care

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