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Security friends: BSidesSF registration is now open! Sign up at . See you there!

Have I mentioned that if you are ever wondering whether it's rude to talk on the phone while ordering coffee from a human I can confirm that yes, it's hella rude.

I don't care that it's your mom. Get off the phone or get out of line

Oh I guess if I had looked for like 30 seconds I would have found @itchio

Is there anyone from here? I only see twitter and facebook links on their site.

I made dinner for a friend tonight, that was pretty rad. It had been a while

or if there are that's not what they're called

There aren't really any "junior data engineer" jobs, are there?

heard a chick-fil-a ad on the radio today, i was like huh well that station is coming off right now

I think one story on the molasses disaster’s 100th anniversary is sufficient, maybe two. Why am I seeing it everywhere

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This handsome sigil was wielded by none other than Archmage Homarus Thermador in the infamous battle of Blackbird Keep.

Lovingly crafted with arcane vegan ichor, it should be affixed securely and invoked while no closer than 10cm from the nearest necromantic type sigil. See enclosed PMS chips for recommended aura types

Sigils as a Service

Bespoke sigils complete with lineage and style guide

I am no good with trackpads

Can I please have a trackball mod for my thinkpad

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