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wrt my display name:

I'm not really going anywhere but nov and dec are typically months when I kind of try to avoid being social

Mainly because I don't celebrate xmas/hanukkah/etc (or really thanksgiving for that matter, although I might start again) and the only way to avoid the onslaught is to kind of turn everything off and pretend it's not happening

like what's the point of a government website hiding pagination behind a bunch of javascript nonsense? I can't imagine that's good for accessibility

a little triumph: defeating a pointless javascript obfuscation and scraping delicious data

Hey so uh brake lights aren't really a thing that needs disrupting, dudes

I need a hangout buddy who is dorky and likes to make out. Blazing a plus. Must live in bay area. Serious inquiries only, please. Submit to DMS.
OK: trans, men, women, enbies (I realize some of these overlap)
Not OK: Republicans cool with current politics, those judgmental of 420, anti-choice

8:15 tech interview call

I think it went ok?

well shit what do I do now

hey bay area friends: do any of y’all have a psychiatrist you feel comfortable recommending? need someone with experience with PTSD, bipolar II, and possibly ADD. should have base level awareness of trans issues, but that’s less important overall. this is ok to RT, pls DM me

i mean i liked the series you know for the record, i am aware it was problematic

that second to last episode of sabrina? like five tries

it takes me like at least two, usually three or more tries to get through an episode of a tv these days

not sure what the deal is, i just get so sleepy

oh except now i know to talk about full outer joins on monday

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