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OK here's a stab at my periodic .

I'm looking for work in which I feel kind of obligated to mention because it's occupying a lot of my time and energy right now.

I like , in particular. I live in and I really enjoy it even though I don't get out much these days. I listen to a lot of and am fond of in particular.

I have 5 cats, try not to eat meat or dairy, and play poorly. ftw!

#Mozilla is taking on 15 #Outreachy interns

Applications due October 30. Includes $5500 stipend in 3 phases.

Opportunity open to #women, #trans men, and #genderqueer globally. If you're in the US this extends to all Black/African American, Hispanic/Latin@, American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander people too!!

#Diversity in Tech
#lgbtqia #PoC #WomenInTech

If someone who works at a company you applied for a job at replies to a message you send, how many attempts to follow up is too many?

lookin at the western states of the usa and gettin sad

or hide one in the old oak tree by the shipyard if you prefer

if you are local to san francisco ca I can give you one or more in person

Periodic reminder that I have a bunch of these if you want to stick stuff somewhere

I don't know why this just occurred to me but I could always just go back to Debian and slap Mate on top, that would be pretty cool

Me: I am a god! I conjured this thing from nothing using only my mind and some open source software! And math! And a cheap laptop I got off Craigslist

Shapeways: Sure thing buddy, that'll be $2.79

I know it's just a silly piece of plastic but every time I order from shapeways I feel like I'm living in the fucking future

Oh but my selfie clip shipped! Should be here on Monday

ps to future employers: haha not really, just kidding

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