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Long winded sticker details Show more

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well shit how do I unpin toots now?

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"U+1F595 @u1f595

mastotoot request: i would like to pin someone else's toot that i've boosted to my profile. thanks."

it uses curses, is cursebot a better name?

hi I am back in cursebot now, wheeee

Wow people are bad sports sometimes

@pagrus The two main ones are Galvanize and General Assembly from what I can tell, at least for data science

So hey has anyone attended one of those immerion programs in SF? If you did I would like to hear your thoughts. Maybe you have a friend who did one?

okay, what’s the story with the over NE/downtown right now?

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In-N-Out Burger Wikipedia article edited anonymously from US House of Representatives

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Hmmm I should make an OSHAbot. What would it do?

@pagrus like with straight up checkboxes and shit

Speaking of which, maybe I should try to write something that is kind of like selfoss but doesn't require JS to work

When are Millennials going to learn necromancy? I am curious to see where they go with that

or both I guess is the other option

hmmmm shower now because it's a little chilly, or when I get back after going out to scrub off the worldfilth?

woot fixed that crash! sort of. for now.

I wish I had a list of websites that I used that work without JS