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chemistry people! if you were interested in the amount of caffeine in a solution what would you do? send a sample to a lab that specializes? bust out the methylene chloride? raid your pantry?

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Long winded sticker details Show more

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well shit how do I unpin toots now?

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"U+1F595 @u1f595

mastotoot request: i would like to pin someone else's toot that i've boosted to my profile. thanks."

People who interview Data Scientists: would you be impressed if someone whipped out something like this when asked to write a SQL query?

@pagrus Refillable whiteboard markers, laser pointer, retractable pointer

Prototype for interview secret weapon kit

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Oh so I went with TrueOS which I like well enough so far. I'll know more after I live with it for a month or so

Thanks for the suggestion @tek

Holy shit wait there’s a new Swamp Thing show coming out?

I swear I didn’t plan this, it just kind of worked out—

But the experimental stamp tote with freakishly long straps fits the rigid masonite record transport pretty much exactly!

Last day of sewing class, print/stamp experiments turned into a tote bag with freakishly long straps

retooted with better pictures

OK, time to think about getting ready to make preparations for the beginning of the leaving the house ritual

A literal

Is a thing? I bet people could make some fun stuff with 500 chars

People more talented than me, that is

Bu they didn't have a box for that so whatevs

Merriam Webster says "What made you want to look up egad? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible)."

And I'm like I just was trying to make sure it's not like racist or otherwise a fucked up thing to say, thanks

Yaaaay I finally got my new public keys up on to sdf and!

we (kind of) named our shop after ourselves but most of our stickers had our cats on them

There is something charming about a computer OS named after someone's cat though

Oh and before you suggest it I did run OpenBSD on a Soekris box for a few years. It was great but not what I'm looking for right now

As an aside one of the irritating things about this machine is that the fans start blowing at pretty regular intervals no matter what the machine is doing.

Maybe there are BSDs with smarter power management? I have not attempted to diagnose this issue aside from a few random internet searches, so maybe it's fixable under Linux