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wrt my display name:

I'm not really going anywhere but nov and dec are typically months when I kind of try to avoid being social

Mainly because I don't celebrate xmas/hanukkah/etc (or really thanksgiving for that matter, although I might start again) and the only way to avoid the onslaught is to kind of turn everything off and pretend it's not happening

Hey @caraellison and @jennatar do you know how I would be able to dig up a thing I wrote in 2002 for a Ziff magazine? I have a hard copy in the house somewhere but if you have any tips I would appreciate it

LB! I always though that was a Madness original, should have known better

broke: leaving tumblr, posting your content on a less hostile platform
woke: perturbing your porn using gradient descent to minimize the NSFW score per

I mean I'm pretty sure I don't want that job but I'm curious what euphemism contorting went into deciding what the job title should be

What is the job called at Netflix where you have to camp on a bunch of torrent websites to find out what people are really watching?

Weirdly nostalgic for the days when I made my living writing stuff like "How to get iTunes to recognize Ogg Vorbis files"

Like who approved that? I got two pages and a check out of it apparently

of course rocket j squirrel plays throwing muses


Maybe I ought to start that whole keeping things to myself thing I was considering earlier

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