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Full Disclosure: I haven't had to use Windows professionally in years and stick mainly to console gaming so it's probably easier for me than for most

@pagrus Especially wrt troubleshooting, with Windows you’re (usually) trying to do stuff that MS doesn’t really want you to do. So it’s more difficult than it needs to be

With Linux it’s a pretty safe bet that 1000 people had the same problem as you

I mean ordinarily I wouldn’t suggest Linux to someone who has standard Windows complaints

But honestly it just sounds easier than fighting with Windows these days

Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen a single positive remark about Slack’s new look

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I have no idea if someone threw it or if it was randomly kicked up by a car or what. I didn't even see it, maybe it wasn't even a rock

I got hit in the face by what felt like a rock today. I was riding the scooter, a Yamaha Zuma, and it managed to both enter through the front of the helmet (I had the visor up) and miss my eye by like an inch

So, yay?

Just threw a load of laundry into the basket

On top of my cat, who I didn't see napping there

Sorry, Bubo. :blobcat:

@pagrus wtf fucking football goes on this long and who the fuck cares

Aerospace Applications of Programmable Matter, Dr. W. McCarthy, Programmable Matter Corporation

I was going to say Obscura is my favorite band to drown out the superbowl with but I guess that's not happening for another few weeks

So Obscura is my favorite band to drown out whatever fucked up shit the upstairs neighbors are doing today

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