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OK here's a stab at my periodic .

I'm looking for work in which I feel kind of obligated to mention because it's occupying a lot of my time and energy right now.

I like , in particular. I live in and I really enjoy it even though I don't get out much these days. I listen to a lot of and am fond of in particular.

I have 5 cats, try not to eat meat or dairy, and play poorly. ftw!

Oh hey I started a new sewing class today? I am pretty excited about that

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I just liked "Live from the First Church of the Buzzard in Oakland" by [Moe! Staiano and the Death of a Piano]! Show more


1. JWZ writes some criticism of a keyboard on his blog

2. Keyboard company founder replies, and isn't particularly... sensitive. Or helpful

3. ???

Taking bets on how this pans out for KCF

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If you are an admin, and you want to remove follower/following counts, or you are a user who wants your admin to get rid of them, get in touch I don't know how to actually set up a branch to make it to where you can see it because I'm bad at git.

Also if you're good at git and can help me with this, that'd be cool too


If when registering a username a repo was generated automatically with empty/default vals?

But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself

I really want that job they posted, trying to make a good impression

Hey so @frankrolf maybe you already knew this but @aparrish is who we were talking about the other day.

Allison, Frank is a type designer and your work came up in conversation. I went and looked for some of your kinetic font toots just now and I couldn't find them, do have links handy? Or were they meant to be more ephemeral

OK, going to go get in line to add a class. Wish me luck

or not necessarily, I guess. masto could just pull/clone hmmmmm

@pagrus your instance would have to generate a key for you so you could authenticate with the git server


i could store my Mastodon prefs in a git repo

Import/export is easy, it’s already done
Moving instances would be eaier

free repos on bitbucket or gitlab, or host your own

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So goes to what looks like pretty much exclusively posts. Maybe that's the case for all/most biggish city tags?

Is there another non-switter version of a city tag that I should be using? I mean switter is cool and all but if I'm looking for people to things with or weather or restaurant advice or whatever it would be nice to be able to filter.

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I am always open for emoji commissions! My slots are full right now, but you can message me and I can put you on my queue!

All the details about my emoji commissions are here:

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