@pagrus especially if california winds up being monterey to los angeles while northern california is sf/sacto

@pagrus Do you think it's more or less viable than calexit?

@jankoekepan more if i had to guess, but i don’t think either will happen in my lifetime

@pagrus I was thinking about calexit, and I realised that most of the rest of the country would sort of shrug and wave good-bye. A few would even help them pack.

Mostly NY and MA and DC would be upset, because they'd be losing so many allied votes.

@jankoekepan oh they'd get upset when they realize what they'd have to pay for avocados and iphones

@jankoekepan i do think there would be something nice about a pacific rim nation. we could team up with japan and hawaii, maybe mexico, alaska and vancouver

@pagrus Chances of getting Vancouver on side with Manila are pretty small.

@pagrus Better plan: have SF and LA collaborate with Portland and Seattle to divorce themselves from their states (OK, throw Tacoma and San Diego in there too). A state of city-based enclaves!

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