Hey I am trying out Matrix (Via Riot for now at least) and I like it so far. Does anyone have interesting/fun suggestions for stuff to do or check out?

@pagrus i haven't used it for much other casual conversation. there are bridges to irc, and other platforms
@tsu @pagrus I tried it a while back, pretty neat, I should use it more. I just find email works tho. Are tor and i2p matrix accounts with .onion and .i2p endings a thing yet?

@louisoft01 @tsu just looking for slack alternatives. email is fine but not always what i need

@louisoft01 @tsu beats me, haven't been paying much attention to tor stuff

@pagrus @tsu You should, in the anti censorship and anon community tor is one of the best assets and it's intresting the tech behind it

@louisoft01 @tsu I mean yeah I know that much and I'm pretty sure bcrypt was an occasional customer of mine at my coffee shop but that's bout it

@louisoft01 @tsu @pagrus There is a problem: Matrix homeserver is nailed to a DNS and doesn't have proxy support at this moment, so it's not that flexible as any other XMPP server.
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