Are there people here? Maybe even people? I don't know where to ask but I might be working on a project to track genetic diversity and it looks like is the software people use.

It's Windows only as far as I can tell and while I guess I could run it under WINE it would be cool if there were something that I could use on Linux. Or even better, an OSS project that I could maybe even contribute to?

The studbook part of it is kind of only a part of what I'd be working on, so I don't think I'd be able to write that from the ground up.

It would be cool if I could figure out how they're storing studbook data and just kind of use that as a reference in my part, like an index

@pagrus I feel like some #perl people would know where to start looking; there's a lot of Bio:: stuff in CPAN.

@pagrus paging @DrAndrewThaler, uhhhh, I know there's other biologists on here (maybe on but can't think of them right now

@pagrus pinging @snailix since they spent time at sea recently and might have ideas :)

@boisdevache I thought I already followed @snailix but I guess not. That's been remedied

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