@pagrus So these do *not* have a die cut btw. If you would like a white border you will have to cut it yourself like I did

I was expecting a glossier surface but these are pretty matte. Overall dimensions are 3” by 2.5” or about 75mm x 65mm

@pagrus If you would like one they are $1 + SASE each. Send email to mastodonsticker@nebulos.us for details

I am not making money on this btw, partly because I ordered so few

That is USD-type dollars incidentally. The SASE needs to be from USA to wherever you are as well. If you are not in the US it'll probably be easier/quicker/cheaper to get them printed locally to you though

Oh hey maybe @Gargron knows people who would want a $1 sticker

@pagrus cool, im still looking for vector artwork and or design for roll up banner btw

@webmind I don't think there is a vector version, at least not one that @dopatwo has made available.

@pagrus @webmind @dopatwo
Aw, would be nice to have some vector art to promote mastodon

@webmind I agree, that was in my first list of questions. Looks like @dopatwo isn’t all that active though so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

On the other hand there are a zillion talented artists here so I’m sure there are or could be other options for promotional art

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