hey, does anyone use these days? It looks pretty cool but I am having tough time getting started and all the searches are coming up with stuff from 2009

I mean maybe it's like super stable and nothing has changed in the last 9 years but I don't know if I believe that

@pagrus mpd is rock stable and also *super* brittle. im fairly sure it's still getting updated?? maybe im confused.

i used it for a long time before switching to libresonic because i wanted to cache music on my phone easily. what are you looking to do with it?

@0x3F I just want to play music at home. i have a spare raspberry pi connected to a 2T drive and it seemed like a good solution. I don't care about caching or any mobile stuff.

@pagrus yeah you should be able to do that fine. the built in webserver works fairly well in my experience. the most trouble i had was getting the visualizer to work over a network.

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