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@pagrus My husband wants to know if that is a modern picture or a stove from the 30s?

@aldersprig the picture is from today, the stove is old but I’m not sure about decade

@pagrus It looks awesome. Also, you have awesome kitties Are they related?

@aldersprig Archy and Mehitabel (middle, right) are siblings, Bubo (lying down) is brother to Pris, not pictured

@pagrus …Is the half a dog? Or a rabbit? Or one really fat cat?

@pagrus That is a lot of cat. We have three (two brothers and a girl who looks a lot like yours) and that is enough that I trip over them when we’re handling morning feeding.

@aldersprig yeah, mealtime is always exciting. we started out with three rescues and then tried to foster a litter that showed up in our back yard

@pagrus Oooh.

We got the boys about a month after our old kitty died suddenly of cancer. Then Merit showed up eating out of our compost bin. I knew we were keeping her when I started cooking meat scraps before we put them out.

@aldersprig aw.

Baba Yaga is too used to the free wheelin outdoor life to take inside, so after we got her fixed ( which was a whole ordeal in itself) we let her loose again.

She stops by twice a day for meals and spends the night in the bed we made for her but the rest of the time she's out killing things

@pagrus Merit was still a baby - half a year old - when we brought her in. Sometimes she tells us that she’s feral, but she sleeps on me all night, soooooo

@aldersprig yeah I think the kittens might be about 18% feral still, give or take

@aldersprig The stove is great. I don't know where you are but here in San Francisco they come up on Craigslist all the time. When our old junker of a stove bit the dust we just set up an alert and waited a couple months

@pagrus I am.... on the opposite end of the country from you (NYState)

@aldersprig Aha. Well it might be worth keeping an eye on Craiglsist or equivalent anyway