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@pagrus This is how it looks now. I’d like to not have to unscrew the terminal block connectors every time i connect, so the jack would just go between there and the outside of the case

Oh cool, public art that gets me

They *know* they’re not supposed to be up there

Hey JS people, let's say I had a big old honkin .js file and in that file there was a block that looked like there was some JSON. Is there an easy way to fish out those values? I'm not good with JS or I would be able to describe it better.

I'd like to be able to do stuff with it in Python afterwards but I'd settle for a bash pipeline or whatever

How is it possible that I’m not tired of this game yet

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Daiso has SD card organizers for cheap, they just call them pill cases for some reason

Oh no I haven’t made coffee yet

Black hair don’t care

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When you try to take a nice picture of yourself and your cat

Me and Bubo enjoying the Norman Bates Memorial Soundtrack Show on