Which is weird because I made these super accurate technical drawings before getting into

and in place

color matches pretty well, I didn't really plan that

Package from shapeways today

Selfie clip mark zero, not bad for a first attempt but tabs are too thick for the eyepiece slots

Periodic reminder that I have a bunch of these if you want to stick stuff somewhere

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It's a silly thing but I am always excited when I can make a 3d tool. Especially when it's like 2-3 years between opportunities and I have to relearn how to use openscad.

Anyway. This is a tool that slips on to the eyepiece of a Pentax k1000 and holds an iPod touch to the viewfinder.

I figure I can use it to compose selfies since the iPod screen will be facing me if the backward-facing cam is selected.

I'm going to get one printed, we'll see how it turns out in a few weeks!

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