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I know you are all relieved

good news everybody, I remembered how to connect to

@lizmonster those keys are way too big for your paws

@clacke @natecull well if you use lessn you also get a side serving of “well all these bookmarks have interesting DATA associated with them, I could DO SOMETHING with that”

@InspectorCaracal @natecull i find myself wanting to do this on mobile much more frequently than on a desktop

@mrgah ok, i am almost done with my application. the cohort i am applying for starts end of feb so things should start heating up here pretty soon

@mrgah so i don’t really have any advice but i might soon?

@mrgah i am actually hoping to start a data science immersion/bootcamp thing soon, but i am in San Francisco where this kind of stuff is all over the place

@natecull oh, it’s ostensibly a url shortener (which some people take issue with for totally legitimate reasons) but it also is just handy for bookmarking

@natecull I forget if I have attempted to foist lessn on you but that’s where all my open tabs go now.

@gdkar alternately i have a few i could send you

@gdkar go to a restaurant supply store, get the cheapest ones they have. use them for one year or until you discover exactly what you like and don’t like about them. armed with this knowledge you can now shop for espresso spoons

I like this pomodoro thingy because it gives me data about how long it actually takes to do things.

I spent *how* long barking up this tree before noticing it was the wrong one? urg

@srol You’re right though, that is fucked up

@srol maybe it’s for noodle shops?