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I was hoping to get in touch with someone there. Any Masto peeps know anyone?

A shot in the dark: The Code for San Francisco’s Data Science - Working Group’s website is giving a 509 Bandwidth Exceeded error, anyone know what's going on?

@shmibs People are surprised by that? Not this guy

@vantablack if by onetab you mean GO TO BED DUMBASS then yes you are probably right

OK Reddit is crashing my browser tabs, think it's a sign?

@deadsuperhero Remember when Macromedia Flash was all over the internet?

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@aparrish Reminds me of the old yttrium-ytterbium superconductor chestnut

@pagrus oh it’s next weekend too, I think that’s when the parade is happening

SF Cherry Blossom Festival is this weekend, anyone going?

Pollenbot says it's 7 in San Francisco, California (United States).

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