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@Leucrotta Anyway if I thought I had any aptitude for making video games I would do it myself but sadly I most assuredly do not

@Leucrotta The butcher character would have to be named Jim after my old boss who was hired right out of prison. He was a really good butcher but... lacking in some other aspects

@Leucrotta I think partly because ever since playing Tekken 2 I wished there was a fighting game called Blue Collar where every character was an embodiment of a working class job

@Leucrotta Kung Fu Hustle fight in Pig Sty Alley

@ummjackson Anyway. Do you know @ingorichter ? You guys work in the same building I think

@ummjackson That's super weird, I totally thought I was following you here already

@amylsacks It’s the vegan version of Shin Ramyun. Not as spicy but just as full of those umamis as regular Shin

@pagrus This is how it looks now. I’d like to not have to unscrew the terminal block connectors every time i connect, so the jack would just go between there and the outside of the case

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I just liked "Ska Flea AKA Spanish Flea" by [Tommy McCook & the Supersonics]! Show more

@pagrus Huh, maybe I ought to pin that or something

Oh just to throw this out there:

I DO NOT HAVE A JOB, but I would like one!

Just finished a data science immersion, let me know if you would like details

Hi, what’s eveyone’s favorite connector for low voltage small gauge wire?

I’m trying to design a case to enclose a Raspberry Pi W0 + PiMoroni relay board, and it would be nice to have some kind of jack I could snap into the enclosure.

Molex? Barrel jack? RJ something or another?

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When you think about the whole thing with furries liking cute, it's weird you don't see more mongoose or flying squirrel fursonas.

When you think about the whole thing with furries liking vore, it's weird that you don't see more thylacine fursonas.

well that went ok i think? newsflash: applying for jobs is stressful

How about that product placement in Cloak and Dagger ep3 eh?

@Violet Does not specify which Garfield. President-type Garfield would be oddly appropriate, although “back half” is similarly unspecific

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