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JWZ's is pretty good though, predictably

Oh huh. It just occurred to me that the one person's hot take on the whole MS/GH situation I'm actually interested in reading is Linus'. Did he make one of those?

They *know* they’re not supposed to be up there

I mean really having cats is essentially a trolley problem

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Like LinkedIn IS your resume like Github IS your portfolio: in some industries, under some circumstances. I think Microsoft is putting their chips in literacy staying basically the same and giving them enough time to make their services more relevant, if not required, as, well, Windows literacy is.

Just kidding, it is pretty obvious in hindsight

Who knew that a cat collecting game would be my own personal killer VR app?

Arkham Street Spankers has a decidedly less lighthearted tone

Yeah so anyway I got some inari instead, they were good but no burger

Honestly I'm just trying to find a burger

The whole point of this is that the Impossible Foods website is a drag to use if you have adblockers/privacy badger turned on, and it looks like they don't have an API as far as I can tell

but that sure would be easier i gues

The original is here

And basically I'm just trying to get location out of it. I don't think that "locations.json" actually exists anywhere, or maybe I'm looking in the wrong dir

Hey JS people, let's say I had a big old honkin .js file and in that file there was a block that looked like there was some JSON. Is there an easy way to fish out those values? I'm not good with JS or I would be able to describe it better.

I'd like to be able to do stuff with it in Python afterwards but I'd settle for a bash pipeline or whatever

anyone want to go get impossible burgers?

Anyone have a favorite Sonic soundtrack?