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I think I need one of those “restroom out of service/cleaning in progress” signs, but tiny and written in cat language

looking for answers on the internet is not helping

Feeling anxious, restless. Not really hungry but thinkin bout going out for food?

There's a guy with two thumbs in California who is not

La Croix now available in Milkshake Duck flavor, who is shocked by this news

@pagrus follow bots in particular, but also markov flavored ones?

is it just me or is there more fishy possible-bot activity lately?

"ovation" sounds like it should have something to do with eggs send toot

Huh, I think actually most things are improved by the addition of Metal Gear Solid music and sound effects

jeez, waiting to hear back after a job interview is pretty nerve wracking

Watching Luke Cage and wishing someone who knows what they’re talking about will discuss the musical selections

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