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Could you see if they have any high (horizontal) bars? Just the bar part, and even if it's broken that's ok

Hey ok so if you happen to notice a gymnastics gym closing or going out of business

@Gargron is this a known bug? it displays correctly for a second, than flips upside down for me

that's super weird- thumbnail is right side up, enlarged is upside down. anyone else getting the same thing?

See also:

Marvel Ultimate Alliance
FFVII, but only the part where you get to Red XIII's home village for the first time
Tekken 2

So I'm seeing Okami come up a lot, I'm assuming because it got a Switch release? Or an update, or both possibly.

And I am always sort of overcome by melancholy when I think about it. I never finished the game, and I might not ever get around to it. But that is kind of beside the point.

To be clear, my associations are 100% because of where I was in my life when I was playing it (vs now) and have very little to do with the actual gameplay mechanics.

But I do want to play it again

Somebody was asking the other day about 24/7 streams to watch or listen to, I forget who it was but:


If I wanted to learn how to garden...

And I'm considering:

1. gardening club?
2. volunteering eg SF botanical garden
3. class at SF city college
4. ???

Any thoughts? I can tell you right now that youtube/reddit/etc are not going to help at least not until I know some stuff

spoiler alert, it will probably be gitlab/gitlab

So in the meantime I'm workin on little data sciency projects. Tryin to figure out where to stash them and how to best present.

Everybody likes plots right? I should be crankin those out too

Still more likes/faves on a 6-year-old diaspora reshare, hmmmmm

It was one of yours @deadsuperhero are you seeing an uptick in unusual activity?


"The bi-weekly Unix Shells Versus Microsoft Shells cricket match breaks out, but is interrupted by a streaker waving a Twenex flag."

I know what'll cheer me up! Webshit weekly, here I come 🙄

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