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trying to write a cover letter, but I think I might have to sleep on this one

These cats are not new, you'd think I'd remember to close the laptop lid by now

Like wait there was a 90s show? Was that a reboot of the 60s show? I thought there was only one witch mom/aunt etc

I can't be the only one who mixed up the 60s TV show Bewitched and the various Sabrina properties

It’s come to this

img description:
application for fish cutting job

seriously what's up with apps that are all oh I see you're offline! how about instead of showing you stuff that you already loaded i'll just refresh

An app that fetches map tiles around two locations (optionally with directions between them) and caches them on your device so if you can't get a connection you don't get lost

if I oscillate between imposter syndrome and megalomania fast enough, maybe I can achieve a healthy medium through pulse width modulation

feeling mean today, probably best to stay off the internet

Are there really people who can apply for a job and not immediately feel invested in it?

Does it help prevent soul crushing when they get turned down?

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C Y B E R friends:
What are your favorite resources for someone moving into the space (like into an incident response role)?

Please share!

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