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sometimes when I remember falafels it’s like the best

Hey Masto! Do you know someone looking for housing in the Santa Rosa/Sonoma County area? My partner and I urgently need a roommate, and we're looking for someone queer and quiet to join us! Rent is $800/mo plus utilies. Please boost if you're able!

i have one tortilla. it better not be moldy or someone is going to be in big trouble

OK self, good job throwing out that sheet of foam core from art school 2001

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Sorry! I probably should have specified USA in that last toot. I think San Francisco would probably indicate that to most people but you never know

Are there instances specific to a location? I get the feeling that some have a more "west coast" feel or whatever, maybe because of the original members? PNW in particular.

I am looking for a or ( maybe?) specific instance if there is one.

Just made a #MetaFilter post about a 2d fighting game. #Gaming #VideoGames #Brony

“Them's Fightin' Herds is exactly what it looks like: a fighting game where all the characters are four-legged animals, a few of them ponies.”

Check out the trailer, this looks like so much fun:

Huh, TIL wardialing was coined by the movie WarGames. I mean it makes sense but still

Sooo sleepy all of a sudden. Blaming Benadryl + quesadilla

I'm more of a paperclip kind of guy just in case anyone needs to know

Why do I have all these staples? I hardly ever staple anything

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