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PROTIP: Nobody is thinking to themselves "wow that music he's listening to is so cool, I am full of admiration for him" in class. When they're trying to work on things

@pagrus it’s like when they blur out faces in cop shows, except Bubo

When you try to take a nice picture of yourself and your cat

Also applies to nouns eg "I messed up at line 321 in DoThisThing.file" vs "DoThisThing.file has a bug in the code in line 321"

Does anyone have preferences wrt the use of "code" where other verbs would work just fine? I have to admit a preference for saying things like "write a function" or "make a script" rather than "code a ___" but I'm not sure why

In which DNA Lounge stands to lose some money because they told shithead bands they weren't welcome. If you've been meaning to swing by there to catch a show, please do. We should reward this kind of action.

In other news I had my first data science dream the other night! I think that is maybe a good sign?

Is there an SCP bot? If there is can someone direct me to it? If there isn't should I write one? If I do should I also write an SCP entry for it?

WTF there is a conference room in Google's SF office called "Dead Kennedys"

Me and Bubo enjoying the Norman Bates Memorial Soundtrack Show on

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