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@smartkittymomo why is it silly that we're still complaining about you after all these years..

@smartkittymomo weird stuff in bob's life huh :P

Decided to close down my forum/image gallery/wiki on due to alt-right harassment

feels weird that a human is probably getting paid to read this message

someone in the chat decided to post a phony threat to the US govt

cuz i worked with 6ch's anonymous IRC network and helped set up the twitter bot

so i got busted by a 3 letter agency yesterday

the default mobile page was so shitty and ive been without wifi for so long

what up? been a long time

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WikiLeaks releases the CIA's software that was supposed to protect it from leaks of secret documents

just prefix a private message with a unicode lock.. takes 2 characters (Inc space)

@u2764 uh it's pretty basic. twitter but like email. software and community are still very young

played some quality visual novels tonight