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Since I think i'm going to stick with this site, I figure I would make a proper introduction!

🌻 My name is Kiwi, but feel free to call me Paint, Magenta, or Bastard

🌻 I'm 17, turning 18 soon

🌻 I'm Nonbinary, Asexual and Panromantic

🌻 In the future I hope to major in Illustration and have photography as a backup career

🌻 I enjoy Nintendo, Square Enix, and Indie Games

🌻 If you're a cherished mutual that knows me from Tumblr you are legally allowed, even obligated, to kill me.

anyways before i re-migrate just reminding my mutuals that im on @Sandwich on berries now.

deadass though can someone show me how to direct people who follow this account to my new one,,,do i delete it? do i disable? tf do i do

i plan on moving to berries too to i direct my account to my new one KSDJDG

@wormgums some people (including me) have moved bc of bad/extremely lax moderation on .social. Also Miku got banned from there after criticizing the mods and dming furry porn after more than a week

"everyone" is subject cause i know its limits is your follower count but. imagine if you could actually @ every single person on mastodon

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the @ everyone option is such a double edged blade cause it lets me know that my mutuals is moving (which i appreciate) but it can also be used for the most chaotic shit and that terrifies me. someone could just have the gall to send a foot picture to everyone

Weekend painting sketch to practice with clone stamping and mixer brushes, cheers all!
#mastoart #photoshop

Look away from your screen for a bit. Allow your eyes and mind to rest.

also in the future remind me to crop it to the followers icon cause im a dumb bitch

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ok google does kanye west like fingers in his ass

h ey, hold on a sec *repositions my body causing all the bones in my body to realign with a sickening snapping sound* So you were saying?

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