After weeks of tinkering, I guess I'd say my native plantuml client is beta worthy.


I'm up since 2am. This travel screwed my sleep cycle. I didn't get more than 4-5hrs sleep since last Thursday.


I don't have a thing for blonde hair, yet this is some Tangled level gradients.

And TIL prime video disable screen capture on Android. @#₹_

I don't know how YouTube money works. But you are not helping with recommendations. I am forced to switch countries to avoid spam.

This is one reason why you should serve everything over https.

ISP hijacking http

I guess YouTube gave up and suggest only the awesome chinese girl's videos to me

So this is what I did last 3hrs when I'm supposed to work something else!

It is that time of the year.

One day, I'll be a casual musician.

It has been a month since I signed in, they are spamming everyday.

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