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Pandora Parrot

Things I love:

Sitting in a sweater, in a cold room, drinking hot cocoa.

I just had fun explaining botnets to a non-technical person! Botnets are so cool and interesting and stuff!

Meanwhile, fallout 4 VR is... well it's fallout 4. in VR. It's... That's just what it is. There's really not much mroe to it. Kinda neat to see stuff, though.

Okay so like, Doom VFR is really really awesome. It's a blast. Lots of fun. Very frenetic. A good call to the actual game. Slower then the real game though, which is unfortunate.

I think there is a correlation between one's ability to understand a position, and the ability to argue effectively against one's own position. When you grasp the views contrary to yours, you are more effective at grasping a fuller picture of reality

Okay, like... I've seen a bazillion people talking about "going to the gym" as part of some sort of daily ritual. Do people actually do that? I've never actually known someone personally that did that...

It's been hard, but I've really come to realize that I can't deal with online callouts. Deserved or not, they are a big trigger for me. Since another one is going on, I'll be doing my best to avoid seeing it.

Pumpkin spice creamer for my morning coffee.... Life is goooood.

Twitter is designed as a platform for promoting oneself and transforming oneself into a brand. I hate all their analytics and prominent follower counts. I just wanna hang with cool folks!

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I love my character's hand/wings. The fact that they do the cartoon thing of functioning both as hands, and as wings... I love them.

This is kinda why I commissioned @Icy_Paw to make my fursuit. They capture that feel really well!

*hears a cool a song come on*

Oh shit, that sounds nice, who did this one


Oh it was me.


I've tired and tried and I can't wrap my head around organizing things in Spotify. I use a lot of weird features in iTunes to create my playlists that aren't here.

The Nintendo Switch E-store really needs to be improved and have an easier time finding good content.

Just cancelled most of my patreon pledges. In part because I don't quite get what the new pricing scheme is. In part because I really wasn't using it for more than 2 things. So yeah. I feel bad, but I'm focusing on other means of support.

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I'm so used to doing Gimp that I don't know how I would get to learning Photoshop. The buttons are all weird.

I sometimes think about doing game dev again, but music and D&D fill my life. Not sure I want to try doing game dev any time.