OK #PHP fediverse.
I might be slightly broken, but having learned #CPP in Uni and then having learned #modernCpp and loving it, I was wondering if the is a #ModernPHP equivalent and what good resources there are to upgrade my knowledge.
Or is it still the same as last i programmed PHP ( when Zend was the new hotness, that i never got started on ), but with more features?


It's not the same, the update from version 5.6 (the one you probably remember) to the 7.1, 7.4 and now to 8.1 and 8.2 brought several new features making the language modern.

There is also a new Php Foundation opencollective.com/phpfoundati which promotes the development of the language.

Major frameworks are: Symfony and Laravel. There's also Zend, now called Laminas; Yii, Cake, Code Igniter etc.

Take also a look at stitcher.io/ which has many helpful articles about .

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