when you buy a social network and everyone leaves

forever elon

@paniq I can hear this toot in a soothing perfume commercial voice-over.

With the whispered echo:

"Forever Elon . . . (forever elon)."

@paniq well, a bunch leave and the G*b crowd turns up 😣

@paniq Can’t imagine how it will be in a month after he takes it privately. Trump will be back and anyone else banned.

@DarkWraithLord @paniq While tr**p is coming back, along with all the other banned white supremacists, he most certainly won't get involved with the politics of moderation after the floodgates are opened.

@DarkWraithLord @paniq well at least you will be banned until he can verify that you're a human.

@LeonardoDiOttio @paniq that sounds like something you'll need a strong ointment for

@paniq don't worry, Elon has a big enough cult to sustain a social platform. I hate that jerk.

@AlkaVirus @paniq imagine mastodon pick up and 44 billion down the drain! Someone must invite Elot here lol

@AlkaVirus @paniq spot on. The last person to have such worshippers was Jobs, and we can debate how Jobs could be a better person, who didn't use blood-money and gov subsidies to make billions and then use it to bring-on his and his friends agenda.

@AlkaVirus @paniq oh I had the luxury of talking to some of his fans they all think he's better than sliced bread. I mean good for them

@AlkaVirus @paniq if it’s just the Elon and the Nazis party no one will want to be there. like 4chan.

@Backwarduntodusk @paniq I think 4chan is a great relic of the internet. I don't think anyone should be prevented from sharing their views and finding a community they belong in no matter how radical their views are.

@paniq Good one.
But let's be real: "Everyone" is a really strong word here 😅

Musk tries to take everyone's mask off

nice try elon

@paniq I’m going to remain skeptic until people keep using Mastodon after 2 weeks or so.

Every time there’s an exodus from whatever social media platform, it’s only during the first 5-10 days or so.

Then people forget whatever made them move platforms in the first place, and we’re back to square one.

@eliaschao @paniq yeah I’ve tried to use it several times but flake out. Twitter still has all the noise drama and action for now. But I saw there was a noticeable exodus according to twitters own numbers so that’s a good sign!

@paniq I've kept my profile for reading posts of people of interest but I do plan to make a big spring cleaning them on my post. Just in encased some hardcore people come back and they disagree with my points

@paniq tbh I really liked Elon until this fiasco happened. Please don't judge for it 😅

@paniq I'm pretty sure Twitter will survive, but the spotlight on Mastodon is cool !

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