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L. 🤔. Ritter @paniq

Hrmph. Not enough sci-fi, and not enough comedies lately. So many dramas. So much political stuff. I just wanna unwind. :(

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@paniq (re: comedy) watch the patton oswalt standup yet

@Ludonaut guess we're going to watch the new version of the magnificient seven, mostly because i know both the US and the japanese originals

@paniq hm. i can only see the 1960 us version here

@Ludonaut it's not on netflix :X but on subsmovies dot com

@paniq (so do the 1080p links on that site actually do anything or is that a scam. im getting user not found blabla)

@Ludonaut never saw those links. they probably don't work.

@paniq yea i figured as much. it's interesting what goes thru even heavy paranoid ad / resource blocking

@paniq I watched Lethal Weapon and Lethal Weapon 2 on netflix haha