@knittingsquirrel we are well informed about the subject. we oppose violent exploitation of any kind, and no culture was appropriated in the making of this illustration. no evil is taking place here. for sylvia, these styles and motives are of a personal nature.

@knittingsquirrel first of all, there is as far as i know no direct connection. are western europeans not allowed to dream of wolves and geometric patterns? which culture has been harmed by sylvia's illustration? how can culture be stolen when it is a limitless resource? how does a supposed imitation deprive the originating group of its use? should artists not "push beyond the constraining categories into which we have been arbitrarily dropped by birth" to quote lionel shriver?

@allo that's fine. at least it's consistent with the rest of the experience. just don't make excuses for the status quo.

@allo oh yeah. that can work. and it fits the model of toots too.

@gaeel indeed. they would likely look like copies of the same tweet.

@gaeel revision based updating is specifically designed to deal with asynchronous updates.

@Ludonaut that's how it works right now. but it kills all favs & retweets. it instantly removes the tweet from everyone's timeline and destroys context.

@allo people have to be able to see what was originally faved/retweeted.

@allo for that situation, you still have the option to delete the whole tweet, as before.

also required: underlining in red every instance of "tweet" so I can change it to "toot".

If Mastodon allowed to edit Toots, I'd probably switch for good. This is how it would work: Every toot that has subsequently been edited is labeled "edited"; Each toot is a new tweet, but marked as *a new revision* of the original toot; Clicking on "edited" in the UI reveals the history and allows users to read old versions. Toots older than, for example, 24 hours could be frozen permanently.

@procedural tweets about how to pick the best instance, tweets about new instances popping up, etc. aras tweet also belongs to that group.

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