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L. ๐Ÿค”. Ritter @paniq@mastodon.social

solving a union of eight brushes; left: splitting until only one brush remains; right: split until two brushes remain (which is trivial to solve per-pixel). mastodon.social/media/9tenRBSQ mastodon.social/media/hO_1M7b_

@photex i feel there's space for a book that is exclusively devoted to GPU parallelization of C algorithms. strategies, applied examples.

I'd like to do more Mastodon and less Twitter, but followers are split up. Wonder how I might best migrate.

The federated timeline is moving at a pace that makes me think it's going to be abolished soon. :D

@theoutrider after enough time has passed, you see who's really worth something.

@sinbad3d oh, also, i played it on an xbox, so i had to use a controller.

@sinbad3d i played the whole thing through and i remember at a certain point, relatively early, actually, it just turned into repetitive work.
sure they had a bit of story, and interesting ideas for settings and scenery, but i found myself groaning with every new wave of enemies.
perhaps what also vibrated with it back then was the fact that alan wake was originally pitched as open world and none of that survived.
wish i could see the game through the eyes of other people :-/

observation on dissatisfaction Show more

Wait. How do you even know that sweet dreams are made of tears? Did you break one and... oh i see

@theoutrider The Witness is fucking amazing. I wish I could play it again.

huh twitter is down.



A monk asked Tozan:
"When you toot, are you tooting to your followers? Or are you tooting to the public timeline?"

Tozan said:

"our business is booming" said the microphone operators.

"Sir please describe the gaussian curvature of the criminal that struck you."