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hey reminder that florence welch really out here looking like this. perfect

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also i habe no idea what the meat thing is. what kind of meat are we talking here

i missed all of the positivity on here 😔 💕 💕

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everyone do this 

love frogs

ok but this past week my humor levels been decreased how do i get it back up

had my last test before christmas break today so... vicky pannacotta in the hou

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guys...... on the 17th let's do the funni silly jojo part 5 dance on tumblr's grave that would be so epic

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imagine listening to liquid smooth by mitski and NOT liking it

im sorry if its too late to ask but whys everyone moving im sleep deprived, stupid and dont understand ):

im rereading jojolion cos i gotta catch up and i dont remember anything but one thing that did come up much i love it

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*checks my own carrd because i cant remember what i enjoy*

some peeps out there having foot fetishes but nothings more embarassing than having a bad handwriting 😔

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