Lucas Pope is really one of the most creative game developers I know and this post gives us a glimpse of his ingenuity.

I have just created a regions table for the Wiki. This is one of the many tables coming as part of my attempts to organize the vast information on .

Take a look and let me know what you think. Until I hear some feedback from other people I won't use this table, so retoots are encouraged.

Every journey begins with that first step. The FSF Licensing and Compliance Lab can help users along that path, while also clearing the way ahead. Read our licensing roundup, and support paving a way for free software

Usually, app developers choose which push provider they integrate in their apps. But that also means that users have no control through which servers their push notifications go, and the integrated push provider may not work on all devices. Unified Push (UP) solves that by separating the push provider out of apps and letting users choose their own. More information about UP and a list of available providers can be found at

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The new interface looks a bit odd to me. It looks like it has a large gap on the left and the main body is shifted to the right. As a fan of centralized layouts, I like the old one better.

However, I like the concept of a pinned table of contents (TOC). I would be interested in using the new layout with the TOC pinned on the right and the main body shifted to the left. Somehow I feel that would look better (at least for people used to western layouts).

“Researchers at the 🇨🇭 analyzed GDPR violations and discovered that 94.7% of the analyzed sites violated 🇪🇺. 69.7% assumed a positive consent response before it was given by the user.”

Law School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Panos Alevropoulos, gave a talk for today's annual @fsf conference #LibrePlanet on "The state of software patents in 2022." This is a screenshot image from his talk.

Pic of speaker Panos Alevropoulos, presenter of "The state of software patents in 2022" at 14:30 - 15:15 EDT (18:30 UTC) Please share your own pics from the conference with hashtag #LibrePlanet

Today at 14:30 - 15:15 EDT (18:30 UTC) I will be talking about the campaign on ! If you are interested in user freedom, you don't want to miss it.

I will be in the Saturn Room. Watch live at

"ANS coding replacing Huffman and AC - from introduction to patent issues" by Jarek Duda and Jozef Halbesztadt will be starting soon in the Jupiter room. Check this talk out via: #LibrePlanet

Another interesting 2022 speaker that will be talking about is Jarek Duda.

Jarek Duda worked on the ANS coding system (, which attracted patent vultures. This story was also published on a few years ago.

More specifically, we are looking for quality entries for , our wiki on .

is a complex project that will ultimately require collaboration from international contributors to become complete. If you believe you can help us, you can join our IRC channel at on Libera.Chat. No qualifications needed, just willingness to learn and contribute!

I will attempt to explain several details about in simple terms. The goal is to reinvigorate discussion about a nowadays forgotten/neglected topic. As soon as core information is understood, the next step is to start contributing to the campaign.

I'm happy to announce my presentation for @fsf's 2022. I will be talking about in 2022, why they pose a deep-rooted problem for society, and what we can do about them.

Have you heard the news? Publication of the FSF-funded white papers on questions around Copilot announced today! Read the papers and find advocacy-oriented events. is the official German government portal for doing government-related paperwork online.

They have now created their own Mastodon instance at which contains some official accounts. You can find them on the instance's directory page:

➡️ (in German)

This is a really promising sign! The Fediverse can allow citizens to interact with public officials without having to give away personal data.

#BundDe #Germany #Deutschland #Deutsch #Government

Thank you @debian @fsf and for thoroughly evaluating if licenses meet the criteria for ❤❤❤

TIL about , one of the world's most popular chess servers, run entirely on free software by a nonprofit, ad-free, supported by donations with a budget of ~$420K/year according to

They've been around since 2010.

As awesome as this is to see, imagine how many free/open nonprofit alternatives to Big Tech platforms would exist if, down to the municipal level, we decided to support them with funding & infrastructure.

At the state house testifying on free software legislation in Concord New Hampshire.

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