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selfie, eye contact, boosts are okay 

[image description: a shoulders and up picture of me lounging in my bed; my hair is disheveled but i’m smiling; i’m wearing a plain tank top and a pair of computer glasses is resting on my head.]

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youtube is mad comfortable with these double ads now huh is clearly the best instance; it's the biggest so it's gotta be the best

i have once again been reminded that i don't know the metric system at all

When is peak thirst trapping time again?

listening to a video about things americans hate about the u.s. and agreeing with most of it


the one of the guy standing on the truck swinging the nunchucks like you messin' with my truck? gets me every time πŸ˜‚

Milly's voting adventure 

Got to watch an old man wearing nothing but trump gear destroy a voting machine because he couldn't follow instructions and raged at it and then was pushed out by poll workers.

It's been a day

relationship advice no one asked for, but its good advice, and applicable to all types of loving relationships 

the person that loves you isn't the one that's super involved in all of your passions and hobbies, the person who shares your tastes, the one that knows every detail of your obscure aesthetic

the person that loves you is the one that's excited because YOU are excited, even if they don't understand a single fucking word you are saying. they are the people who send you something completely random outside of your realm of knowledge and crossed over into theirs because they see little bits of you in their world.

it doesn't matter if this is friendship or romance or platonic life stuff. that's a person that loves you.

"kevin smith to do sequel to mallrats" haven't we suffered enough???

Please tag me if you're subtooting me so I can feel good about people actually giving a shit about me here on the mastodon website.

Looking for podcasts/interviews featuring #blind and #partiallysighted people! :boost_ok:

Topics and niches may include:
- blind writers/artists talking about craft
- blind systems theorists
- meditation
- blind QTBIPOC experience
- occultism
- christianity
- judaism
- martial arts
- decolonial practice

But also anything goes! I struggle to find audio content by blind folks online.

Gonna buy and start the world's first queer VPN :brain4:

GOG are giving away Europa Universalis II for free, which might be of interest to Crusader Kings fans: #freegame

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