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please let me know if you need an image that i’ve boosted captioned; i often don’t know whether an image has been captioned because i can’t see the captions when i interact with images on mobile

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ray lore, list of my video game spouses (plan to update over time) 

- auron (final fantasy)
- dandelion/eskel/lambert (the witcher)
- goromi/majima (yakuza)
- haley/shane (stardew valley)
- harry/jean/klaasje/kim/smoker on the balcony/trant (disco elysium)
- ivy (soulcalibur)
- jean/kaeya/ningguang/zhongli (genshin impact)
- leon (resident evil)
- naked snake/otacon/revolver ocelot/solid snake (metal gear solid)
- peach (super mario bros.)
- satsuki (kill la kill if)

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don't follow me if you're:
- ableist (anti-vaxxer, autism speaks supporter, etc.)
- abusive and or violent towards children/a pedophile
- ageist
- anti-semitic
- arophobic
- acephobic
- biphobic
- classist
- enbyphobic/exorsexist/nbphobic
- homophobic
- islamophobic
- lesbophobic
- misogynistic (anti-choice, etc.)
- oppressive against intersex people
- panphobic
- queerphobic
- racist (blue lives matter supporter, donald trump supporter, etc.)
- transphobic
- xenophobic

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selfie, eye contact, boosts are okay 

[image description: a shoulders and up picture of me lounging in my bed; my hair is disheveled but i’m smiling; i’m wearing a plain tank top and a pair of computer glasses is resting on my head.]

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*slaps the roof of a toilet* this bad boy can fit so much shit in it

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*slaps the roof of a toilet* this bad boy can fit so much piss in it

i could down a whole 32 gallon jug of horchata in one shopping trip around vallarta

@a_lizard there's something called the Team Gulp which is 128oz of soda

@flowless3 @a_lizard my favorite is when the cup narrows down to cup holder size abruptly and is hilariously unstable as a result

remembering how in high school i was taught about the israel & palestine thing and it was very heavily pushed as a "both sides" issue, and back then i was like yeah i mean that's a tough issue, hard to tell who deserves the land y'know

and nobody told me israel was bombing hospitals and killing children. the school leaves that part conveniently out

"yeah i'll just have a 5th of a kilo of sugar dissolved in water, thanks"

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yall can get coke in cup sizes that are larger than the family bottles they sell over here

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thinking about american portion sizes blows my fucking mind

🎶 i wanna see boys in bikinis too
they'd look good on you 🎶

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@whalefall @skelly yeah that's another thing. When I went to get my second one, they asked for my insurance card. I said shit I left it at home. They said no problem. Then why ask? Are you just trying to cultivate that moment of panic when you think you're about to be denied medicine

feels like maybe they should have told people the vaccine is free

he's got some rare things for him beneath that trenchcoat 😳

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