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Like, your friend likes thing and you don’t know a lot about it???? What a wonderful opportunity to validate them and bond with them

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Generally I think people would have a lot more fun in life if they learned to appreciate things other people enjoy that they don’t participate in

Cannot imagine having such a hollow existence that you get ANNOYED when your fiends gush about things they love

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...okay, so maybe i have bad taste in music; so what? it’s fun

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i don’t have bad taste in music, okay? **remembers that i like the black eyed peas and maroon 5** on second thought...

exercise, personal 

i try to go on the treadmill for thirty minutes a day but sometimes i accidentally go for several minutes longer because i get so into it

genshin impact 

got past a part that i was stuck on; yay me! 😁

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funny to me that gamers complain about games being pay to win but then think that capitalism is a great system

nsfw, lewd, gross 

apparently there's a gross toot going around about cum so i'm gonna filter that word

dirtspace-lewd equipment question 

Hey, so, we're interested in buying a vibrator.

Bullet vibes sound promising, since I seem to recall being told they were cheap, and we don't need anything internal-oriented. Then again we have no idea what we're doing here.

Anyone have brand recommendations for stuff like this?

food, vegetarian 

me: who doesn't eat a whole chocolate bunny in one sitting?
also me: **partway through eating** this is way too sweet to finish right now; i'm gonna stick the rest in the fridge for later

my enbyfriend was like imagine little red riding hood except if the grandma turned out to be a duck in disguise

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"grandma, what a large beak you have!"
"all the better to quack with, my dear"

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