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i get myself to eat vegetables by smothering them in cheese

i really want to meet so many of you and have you over for dinner one day

:stardewvalley: ( ) board game sold out 😭 hopefully they’ll restock it soon

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accessibility ask - autistic exp gathering 


I'm helping a friend who's doing some organizing work, and they'd like additional data on what barriers to formally-organized community events exist for autistic members of said community.

For me, one that I don't see mentioned often is that they're often verbal-conversation-focused, with little or no written material present for context during the event, or available for deeper enjoyment of the topic afterwards.

How about you?

There had been a post circulating around Tumblr that was like, 'glad Glee ended before we had to endure Kurt Hummel's rendition of Truth Hurts by Lizzo' and to this day no other post has inflicted more psychic damage to me than that one 😫

nanba: **singing sad karaoke**
the audience: **making loud rattling** **hootin’ n’ hollerin’**
ichiban: **heckling** woo! yeah! you’re killin’ it!

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