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Imo everyone should keep wearing masks to spite the anti mask assholes. Also, like, because covid is still killing a ton of people and we should try to keep that from happening.

damn john mulaney didn't even let the tears dry on his ex-wife before hitting up someone else huh

you know you can just BE a boy if you want to, it's that easy??? shit's great

apparently the communist one is the longest, followed by the moralist, the fascist and finally the ultraliberal

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the only one that i've actually played through is the communist one

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i'm listening to all of the disco elysium the final cut quests via youtube

disco elysium, christian iconography 

@pantransautie more importantly, have u noticed how lt kims portrait looks like that of a saint

I like that "that's gay" has gone from meaning a good thing to meaning a bad thing to meaning a good thing again because of the thing it used to be a bad thing to mean

A twitter link to Palestinians who need help

If you want to buy from Palestine instead of donating to individual Palestinians here's another link

If you're Jewish and stable then give something. People are enacting harm in our name and we have an obligation to give what we can

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disco elysium 

composure = kim?
physical instrument = measurehead?
encyclopedia = trant?

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disco elysium 

cuno and half light look alike 😲 i wonder if the other skills look like other characters in the game

are you vaccinated?

it's cool how collectively humanity has decided over and over that things like company towns, scrip, indentured servitude, etc are harmful and wrong and capitalism just keeps reinventing them every generation in its endless race to the moral bottom for profit

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