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Been meaning to share this with @shanecyr for ages, and I'm sure it'll prompt a block, and it'll be well-deserved.

Sometimes, I think I'm just more interested in Mastodon (and by greater extent, ActivityPub) as a platform than as a "place to be" online. Perhaps I should just post here more and see what happens. Not a week goes by without some story that nauseates me about Facebook or Twitter.

@jimray I've gotten several at the office to adopt the iOS beta to experience Dark Mode, and we're all very happy so far.


@jpeg Updated Mast on my 6S. The app crashes every time I tap that list icon in the upper right-hand corner. Also note that the content warning box does not completely obscure the text beneath it.

@JPEG Do you know for certain whether scheduled toots worked on

This is Latte, a Corgi mix. She and her sister were thrown from a moving car in Kentucky and survived. A Good Samaritan soon rescued them and sought emergency care. Treasured Friends Animal Rescue placed them with a wonderful foster family in Mokena, where Latte lived until last night.

I love this interaction so hard.
Most men (yes, even the good ones) honestly have no idea what it’s like to constantly have to think about their physical safety. And not just out in the street, but at work, at home, and literally any time we’re dealing with men.


My sister got creeped on and sexually harassed by a jiffy lube guy via text from his personal phone and....


Hard to believe a country full of suburbs full of fences can be conned into supporting a wall.

@pixeldev Mastodon site is not showing a recent update to my PixelFed user's avatar and is acting as though my PixelFed account needs to approve my Mastodon follow, though my PixelFed account is not private.

This is terrible news for those daring to put their own original works on Instagram only to have them lifted as screenshots by aggholes.

like omg wtf my life is over if I can't like screenshot from Instagram like gag me with a spoon

‪Family is watching nature documentaries, which is prime time for me to shout "HEY-OHHHHH" when the narrator mentions mating habits.‬

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