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An example of something new for me in the correct aspect ratio: in the hellscape dream at the end, as the camera zooms in on the burning wreckage of the Cygnus, each side of the screen is filled with a column of zombie crew without their reflective masks.

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“This is really dark for a Disney movie.” “The company had some creative difficulties after Walt died that ended with Little Mermaid.”

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My son was immediately enamored with VINCENT and was distressed when he was briefly adrift in the opening scene. He really digs Maximillian’s design. “He looks like a demon.”

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Watched _The Black Hole_ for the first time in many years on Disney+ with my almost 13yo son. This was the first time I’d ever seen it in the correct aspect ratio, so a few things threw me off. Disney did a decent job making it look good on 1080p, but they didn’t touch up any effects shots, which is just as well. Despite the quality of the writing or direction, I was just astonished to see a story like this edited to around 90 minutes. I didn’t find the film to drag much anywhere.

My biggest work Slack pet peeve is when a person DMs me with "hey" or "hi". Just tell me what the hell you want.

Adobe Fresco looks promising. I wonder whether Procreate will do anything in response to it. They don't need to.

The only series finale in my lifetime that exceeded anyone's expectations was the Newhart finale.

Is there a more naked feeling than realizing you left your headphones/earbuds/airpods at home?

Been meaning to share this with @shanecyr for ages, and I'm sure it'll prompt a block, and it'll be well-deserved.

Sometimes, I think I'm just more interested in Mastodon (and by greater extent, ActivityPub) as a platform than as a "place to be" online. Perhaps I should just post here more and see what happens. Not a week goes by without some story that nauseates me about Facebook or Twitter.

@jimray I've gotten several at the office to adopt the iOS beta to experience Dark Mode, and we're all very happy so far.


@jpeg Updated Mast on my 6S. The app crashes every time I tap that list icon in the upper right-hand corner. Also note that the content warning box does not completely obscure the text beneath it.

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